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  1. I can’t even count the times I’ve “come back” on two hands . . . and each time I do, I learn something else. It is, for me, as important a part of “the journey” as leaving/preparing to leave, is.

    The first time back I just wanted to (and did!) want to share ALL my photos . . . ALL my memories . . . ALL my stories . . . but in time (actually, half-way through that first slide show ;) ) I realized this was going to come up short . . . and I realized that these friends – in my absence – had lived lives of their own, had their own experiences during this time, had their own stories to tell.

    Like you, there is a special place that I keep these travel experiences. And while I don’t lavish them on people at every turn, I do pull them out regularly/freely, when applicable . . . they are, after all, my own experiences. I tend, most often, not to ‘use them’ in a literal way, as in – Look what I did – but rather, search for the underlying metaphor of what particular experiences did to and for me. The fact that I got on a plane and traveled ten time zones away does not – simply by that fact – insure or promise any kind of wisdom/knowledge/special powers :) . . . while I was away, other people were here, having their own experiences, making sense of the world – as I did – from them. “How” my trip was is how I am; how I manifest my experiences, wherever I am.

    P.S. Welcome Back :)

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