4 responses to Foco Tonal, Ocotlan, Mexico: Cosmic Energy or Castillian Quackery?

  1. Hola soy fernando vivi en Tulum en Quintana Roo zona maya , you fui al tonal en Jalisco y que de sin palabras, ahora me entere que hay un foco aqui en Tulum llamado chumuk !

  2. Muy interesante! Me encantaria ir a ese lugar, necesito compañia, vivo en Houston, Tx si hay gente interesada en ir y consiga un grupo, yo me apunto. OK. Saludos y bendiciones!

  3. I was there with my brother in February. Skeptical at first…but, once we were inside the circular area,well, I can’t really explain it. There were a total of 5 or 6 people there. As soon as we sat down,my brother
    could hardly open his eyes, he kept asking me if I did not see the “bright white light” coming from the center. I did not see this light…and
    apparently neither did the other people. Definitely would love to go back. Thank you for your blog, I was not aware it is tradition to hug the pillars.

  4. Hello Julia. Greetings from Mexico! Interesting blog you’ve got here. =)
    I went to Foco Tonal in Ocotlan yesterday with some friends.
    I loved the place. Besides the reverberation effect that everyone can notice when speaking at the center of the “patio” I also felt a strong vibration all the time when sitting at the rounded cement bench. I felt it not only in my ears but also inside my throat, like if my tonsils where pulsating, and it stopped as soon as I got out of the circle.

    There’s definitely something going on there, I’ve discarded that this could be a trick, because I felt it and one of my friends felt it too. At the beginning, when we arrived and saw the toy-like castle, we were also thinking “yeah right…” but we changed our minds when we experienced the very center of the Foco Tonal. Three of us entered and now will respect that place forever. The rest of the group (two people) remained a bit skeptical about it and didn’t even want to enter. We (the ones who did enter) tried to encourage the other two, telling them that it’s ok if they didn’t believe, but why not experiencing the reverberating effect by themselves at least? but we couldn’t convince them. Then I thought, what if such negation was more than plain skepticism? What if they didn’t feel welcome there for some reason they couldn’t explain? Well just my theory, since I have some other friends who are very skeptical but always go and try everything by themselves anyway, just to see if they can prove their point =)

    All in all, it’s wonderful that such places like this one exist in this world and that they’re open for everyone to visit. I can’t blame the land owner for seeing the opportunity to build a visitor center. The admision fee is less than 2 dollars and besides it’s necessary for maintenance of the place and keeping it protected. Besides, having it available for visitors for a small fee is better than keeping that land as a secret, private place reserved just for some people, like it has happened with many beautiful and interesting places around the world.

    Best Regards, and keep traveling and gathering knowledge!

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