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  1. yap. melting with locals is a must. I always use google translate on my phone what I want to say, and them show this to the. I let them to read my words from the phone

  2. HI Tami – I don’t learn languages (though I am a fluent Spanish speaker) while traveling so anything spoken in the language of the country becomes background noise for me . . . or else (being the writer that I am) I would listen/pay attention.

    Before heading to China in ’85 I studied Mandarin for six months and did have a few key phrases down. You’re Right!, the looks on people’s faces was well-worth the time spent learning . . . And as for India, I have five trips there, almost three years . . .

  3. Thanks for the comment, Scott. India is a great destination and slowing down there is a must. The best thing about the language aspect has been the surprise that it evokes. And when they continue in their language, it’s a great way to start a conversation when you explain, “No, I don’t speak (fill-in-the-blank)…English?”

  4. Very nice . . . I think during my over-30-years of doing this traveling-thing, I’ve done all of them . . . except language . . . all are good ideas . . . I’ve slowed down so much that now when I go to India – My Destination – I go to one city, for six months, then go home :)

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