3 responses to Reasons to Get Up Before Dawn When Travelling

  1. I wake up early at home, too. Every day, not just for “something.” I love the Peace that comes with that time of day. I’m thinking now of Varanasi, India (as I often do:); I like to be on the banks of the Ganges before most of the locals are up, well before there is light in the eastern sky (in fact, when there are still stars in the sky.) A magical time. And I leave my perch just as the sun breaks the horizon.

  2. As a former tour leader myself, I couldn’t agree more. I loved getting into Petra before anyone else, watching the sunrise over the Namib desert sand dunes from a hot air balloon and finding a leopard lazing in a fig tree with a fresh kill.
    However, getting up at 3am to climb Mount Sinai with hundreds of others and fighting for the best position at the top was not my idea of fun. Find out more in my blog – Not Optional for thr Tour Leader.

  3. Love the siesta bit at the end – so true!

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