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I find people and cultures interesting. In general I enjoyed and appreciated mixing with good people on all levels of society, nationalities, races and c...

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I find people and cultures interesting. In general I enjoyed and appreciated mixing with good people on all levels of society, nationalities, races and cultures around the world. I belong to a few movements and societies and believe everyone should have the same rights without bias. Unfortunately being an Afrikaner (My identity) I experienced prejudice and racism first hand. In the days of apartheid people outside of my country were so brainwashed with propaganda it seemed they ate propaganda, whether lies or truth like doughnuts. They were unable to distinguish truth from lies, and lies from half-truths. However knowing my surroundings, my language and people, it was easy for me to identify the good and bad. Much as i tried to explain other people would have none of it. They believed many of the lies as truth. Who am i, the object of their news, to tell them the news about me, and Afrikaner, is not the truth? In the 80's and early 90's people seemed to have believed everything they were told. I see a small emergence of people digging deeper and not taking the news as fact so they can plan their lives around it.Many people, maybe naive, ignorant or just intellectually challenged still believe the media like scriptures. After all they saw and heard everything they (think) they "knew' of the Afrikaner on the news. The best was these same "anti-racist" activists or supporters were in many cases racist towards the people they saw as "racists". They did not see their hypocrisy. I saw right through them. All the hall marking of racists. Small minded. Ignorant, hate ful. (In many cases these people called themselves "liberals")

However I see a worrying trend worldwide on issues of race, of double standards depending on the race of the victim or perpetrator. Over the long run if we are humans cannot deal with issues on an equal basis, we will have problems in the future, even re-inventing the wheel. People need to see the dangers. Many people are brainwashed over generations of brainwashing, via the media, or just due to their perception of the world within their immediate surroundings or social circles. The world is much bigger out there, and many of the things happening is not reported in the media. The media might sway a different way, and only feed the sheeple what they want the viewers to know, or not know. I encourage people to dig deeper, and not take what they rear or see in the mass media as "truth". In my personal opinion, life experience supersede "opinion". Rather talk to someone with first hand experience, than with someone that heard something from a third party. 90% of what is on the internet or media are lies. Only 10% is the truth, and if you're smart enough you'll be able to distinguish to some point among the garbage.
- I am not a conservative, a liberal or politically correct,but open-minded. Very. I am also a minority, an activist and I support the minority nations of the world through the of which I am a member of.

I will challenge your ideas.

Fine tuning me into a super successful down to earth dude.

My Profile is open for the world to see. I have nothing to hide and I am as human as the next person with faults and all.
My views incorporate, common sense, creativity and a tad of risk but I do not like being put in a box of being left wing or right wing.To some I might look left, and to others right. I would rather follow the truth and what is right and be unpopular, than look the other way, for the sake of being cool. I actually find that very uncool. Cowardly to be specific and choosing the side of popularity. I want to be on the side of group where justice, ethics and equal rights sit. Personally I try my hardest best to always do what is right, but unfortunately I am no god, but only human with a heck of a lot of shortcomings myself.

I am an open minded individual that believe that we have to talk straight to deal with issues and not side-step things as it does not help to solve the problems.

I believe in equal rights for everyone, everywhere. My love is for South Africa and all its people and I despise the current state of political affairs which has very cleverly become a race based country. A political system which which cleverly tramples and use underhand tactics aimed at one group for the advantage of another.I clearly see this and I do not like it as it is making a mockery of the vision Nelson Mandela had. The vision I agreed with. Reconciliation, nation building, equality.

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