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Heritage Food Network is a grass-roots organization with a mission of, "Getting families back together in the kitchen and preserving families Food Heritage"

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a rich heritage of pioneers in this states history we ...

Heritage Food Network is a grass-roots organization with a mission of, "Getting families back together in the kitchen and preserving families Food Heritage"

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a rich heritage of pioneers in this states history we have found a great interest in our mission here. After doing quite a bit or research we decided to take this project world wide

How we are losing our Heritage with Food?
by Chef Monty Austin


Thanks for your interest in The Heritage Food Network. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with those that want to preserve their families stories and the traditions and heritage of their food from those families.

Let me take a moment to share my background with food. I come from a family that has be the owner operator of several restaurants. My Grandparents on my mothers side and Aunt and Uncle on that side were both restaurant owners.

I started washing dishes at 14 years old, in a huge restaurant just outside Kansas City called Joe's Barn in Stanley, Kansas. It was a huge old barn with seating for hundreds of people. It was converted into a county style food restaurant. On Mothers Day they had so many customers they had to hire people to direct traffic in and out of the parking lot that would hold over a hundred cars. It was an impressive operation.

Then I worked at several different restaurants in Kansas City starting the summer of my Junior year in high school. Just to name a few. Carlos Murphy's, Magnolia Cafe, Caribbean Grill, Studebaker’s. This was a great opportunity to learn several different styles of cooking. Mexican, Irish, Cajun and Creole, Seafood & Steaks on a huge Mesquite grill.

Then I took a position at the Carriage Club (One of Kansas Cities most prestigious Country Clubs). I was starting an apprenticeship with The American Culinary Federation. My Chef and mentor was Jean Guy Perneau, AAC, CMC. He taught me how to harvest my passion with food and classical French Cooking. I learned so much from him it is hard to express. He was from the lines of Escoffier. He served his apprenticeship under the Sous Chef of Escoffier. If you don't know who Escoffier is you really need to get his cookbook. Georges Auguste Escoffier (28 October 1846 – 12 February 1935)

The Escoffier Cookbook and Guide to the Fine Art of Cookery: For Connoisseurs, Chefs, Epicures Complete With 2973 Recipes

After my apprenticeship at the Carriage Club, I took a position with The Embassy Suites on the Country Club Plaza as the Chef of the restaurant and Banquets. While I was there the Executive Chef walked out one day and I took over the operations of the entire Hotel's food operations.

Then I worked as the Executive Chef of the Sunset Grill in Overlandpark, Ks. The ownership has changed hands since I worked there, and the menu has obviously changed as well or I would have provided a link to the menu.

Probably one of the funnest jobs I have ever had is working for Bancado's Catering in Kansas City. We did the Kansas City Chiefs, the Kansas City Royals and just about any large catered event in the area. The Brancados were really a great family to work for.

Now I want to share with you what my passion is now. I want to gather the largest data base of Heritage recipes from families all over the world. I have a very strong feeling about this. I strongly believe that one of the problems in the world today is the separation of the families from the old sit down family dinner. Cooking in the kitchen together, sharing recipes from Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles and those traditional heritage recipes that have been passed down through the generations. I feel if we could start spending more time with each other cooking and sharing those stories of how food was made before McDonald’s was around we would have less problems with our teenagers, our families would be closer and our Heritage wouldn't be lost forever.

I hope you will share my passion. Start talking to all of your family members now to get those recipies and storys recorded. If you would like contact me and send me an email, enclude your recipie and story. If you would like send a video of the process of making your dish or dishes. I will be compiling these into a database that those who share revipies with will be able to get access to. There you will be able to search all the submissions and see videos that have been sent in by others across the world.

If the project is as good a success as I belive it will be. I plan on producing a new television for cable to be broadcast as The Heritage Food Network. I will be chosing peoples stories and revipies to be shown on the show and hopefully have the funding to have those people come to our test kitchen and cook it for us on the show.

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