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Denver, United States

I spent two months recently hanging around Denver and local sites. Backpacking, hiking, camping, white-water rafting...more hiking...

Washington D.C., United States

I lived here for 6 years. Bars, unidentified destinations, restaurants, and more. I have your inside scoop for certain.

Paris, France

I lived just North of Paris for three years and go back at least once a year. I can clue you into the art of looking european...ect.


  • Joanna posted a shout 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi Rebecca,
    Nice to “meet” you (in a manner of speaking!).
    I’m loving this network of interesting people. This is fantastic!
    I live in Toronto, Canada but my heart lives in Nepal with the wonderful children I worked with while there. I went to Nepal in 2009 and promptly after set up a non-profit that helps kids go to school,…[Read more]

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