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  1. Scott: thank you for checking out the blog! And thanks for taking the time to provide thorough comments. I see your point about the hyperbole of the word ‘scam’ in the Indian context. My audience are mostly westerners who have not visited many of the places in the blog. I therefore try to provide a visceral accounting of our first travels to these lands. If I am in awe of the complexity and depth with which an organization constructs a lie, a similar awe that I experience when learning of the depth and complexity of pyramid schemes, I say so. I think that after many trips to a place like India, one’s perception changes–as you say, what many term ‘scams’ are the way of business to the seasoned traveler’s eye. Perhaps in the future, after many visits and much time, I will be able to write about these places in a different way.

    Thanks for reading and for your compliments on the photos!

  2. The word “scam” is tossed around pretty loosely, in many instances. I read a few posts on your blog, noticing how you put scams in Yogya on a par with Wall Street ‘wrongdoings’ :) Journalistically, I guess, a great ‘hook’ . . . but really? . . . Wall Street? . . . ;)

    It certainly – as you seem to be well aware now – pays to inspect, as carefully as you need, in the quality of the goods you’re buying.

    The weave of business in India is a deeply textured piece of cloth. The rickshaw driver who picks you up at the station, will take you where he makes a cut . . . when you ask your hostel/hotel owners recommendation for anything, he/she’ll point you to a place where they get their cut . . .

    I’ve heard of “scams’ since my first trip (of five now, almost three years in India)(and many, many other extensive trips from China/Tibet to Pakistan) and what most people call a ‘scam’, I call Indian business ;)

    And, Great photos on your blog!! Really great. Can see some of mine here: http://www.FarawayEyes.org


  3. Ha! I’ll check that place out. Thanks for reading!

  4. In my experience the cheapest place to buy Indian goods is at Mustafa’s in Singapore!

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