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  1. During my own three months in China in ’85 I had the Great Wall on my radar, I mean, how can you go to China and NOT see it :) But as I traveled I found that Beijing wasn’t even on my radar – too much time spent in too many smaller places, so it seemed I would miss it. Then, as I made my way West along the Silk Road I came upon Jiayuguan, where the Great Wall ends, or begins, depending on where you’re comin’ from. I spent one night in the town, and early next morning headed out to see the wall/watchtower. A light snow was falling, it was February, and an inch lay untouched on the ground. With no one and nothing else around, I had the most amazing time. It was as if I was one of the guards at this last tower. It was a timeless moment. Resonates with me still.

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