3 responses to It’s Not Wanderlust, It’s a Vision Quest

  1. Nice piece of writing Jerica.

  2. Thank you for the kind words and recommendation. I will certainly find the book when I can!

    Up, up, and away

  3. Really good.

    While we all, I believe, share the same physical world, what that world ‘says’ to us is a s unique as our finger prints. This Life is too short to travel for too long, in too intimate a way, with anyone who doesn’t share our vocabulary.

    If you can, when you can, try to find a book by Nikos Kazantzakis called “Journeys”. The intro – The Tigress my Fellow Traveler – might have something to say to you :)

    That intro is a man waking in a dream with a tiger sitting on his head. The tiger is the man’s conscience, there always to do away with any doubts that the man has about his purpose, his Life. When the man cries about how arduous and unrelenting Life is and suggests to the tiger that at some point he will ‘rest’, that there will be some place that the man can look back in reflection . . . the tiger responds, that “there is no summit, there is only height.”

    Whether we find ourselves in Penang or Pittsburgh, for some of us, the journey is the same . . . more questions than answers . . . but up, always up . . .

    Safe travels

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