3 responses to Films that Inspire you to Travel, or Maybe Not!

  1. to follow on from you’re spot-on recommendations – when heading to China I made sure I watched The Last Emperor, For Brazil, The City of God.. for adventure inspiration The Way and 180 Degrees South :)

  2. When I think about travelling The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel comes to my mind.If you think about visiting India you should see it.

  3. Hi Penny,
    Great post! Movies provide a sort of background to a lot of the travel I do, and it’s fun to read about the ones that inspire others. Now that I live in Seville, I watch all sorts of Spanish movies. The indy film El Mundo Es Nuestro is currently taking the city by storm; we can all SO relate to the local characters. Right now I’m planning a long trip through Central and Eastern Europe, and watching films set in the region. Some of those old thrillers about Transylvania are hair-raising! I’ll try not to think of them if I stay in the many (allegedly) haunted castles that are now hotels.
    Karen McCann

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