5 responses to On whether India is a safe destination for solo women travelers

  1. Priyanka – at the film festival I watched a film last night that you must see. By an Indian woman living in Toronto, it’s called “The World Before Her.” Contrasts the Miss India pageant with time spent in an Indian Nationalist ‘camp’ for children. Powerful stuff

  2. Hey Alexa,

    So glad that this piece could be of help to you. India, like any other country has problems, this I cannot deny but the idea is to be careful. Hope you get to go as soon as possible :)

  3. Thanks for your perspective Scott. And thanks for reading, as always :)

  4. Thank you for posting this article! India is one of the countries I would most like to visit, and the increasingly pervasive idea of it being unsafe for women is really disheartening. I think your point is exactly correct; a woman can experience danger in any country, and the risk is only going to increase if she’s in a place where she does not know the language or how to get around. I don’t think this risk should prevent me (or anyone) from traveling to India or anyplace else, though; I think it should simply be a reminder to be careful and use common sense.

  5. A great topic, especially in light of recent events. The recent events in Delhi were certainly beyond reprehensible, and several days later I noticed another such news story from rural India. In saying this, I am in no way minimizing what happened in Delhi . . . this problem, women’s safety, Everywhere, is THE issue. We (here in the States, say) may read of incidents in this country or that, and think – “My God, can’t go there,” while in my own country violence against women is grossly underreported, if these events are reported at all (and far too many aren’t).

    I live in Sun Valley, Idaho and today is the first full day of the partially-UN sponsored Women’s Film Festival. The emphasis this year is Women in War, and much of the talk is about violence against women. I went to the premier talk last night and came away with tears in my eyes. This problem, women and violence is everywhere, not just in India. (Sorry for the tangent)

    This problem is certainly not isolated in India, it is everywhere. And everywhere, women must be aware.

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