3 responses to 15 FARC Hostages Freed

  1. For those of you who don’t know much about Betancourt or have had trouble keeping up with all of the news in the past 24 hours, head on over to our sister blog, http://www.matadorpulse.com, where we’ve got a quick primer about Betancourt up, complete with video.

  2. Miracles do come through and prayers do get answered.

  3. Yes, nothing has really been mentioned as yet about her treatment while in captivity…this will out soon enough. After the images of her in the jungle splashed about a few months ago we were led to believe she was suffering from various types of hepatitis, malaria, chronic bowel disrders and more.

    In my personal experience, most Colombians I know are tired of the FARC, maybe 20 something years ago they represented a legitimate political voice but have now been drawn away from their key aims and the ideology is no longer there. I know students who are pro the movement but cannot see the sense in the armed conflict.

    Talking to someone just the other day, he said: “Supposedly they are fighting for the people, this is what they all say…then why do they always end up killing the people?”

    I had the opportunity some months ago to accompany the top brass and President to a meeting in Cali in order to meet 350 recently demobilized FARC guerrillas. These were kids of 16 and 17 years old with few opportunties. Their answer to my questions as to why they joined up – “We needed the work, the FARC said that they would provide for our families.”

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