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  1. Thanks Mike, I didn’t know that Matador had a Flickr group before you told me (I just joined) :D I’ll upload some pictures as soon as I get the hang of this…I remember taking a photography course a while back but I forgot what I learned, so now I’m starting from scratch again. Should be fun ;) I hope you have a great, productive New Year too! Take care :)

  2. Jenn,
    Glad to hear from you. I was starting to think maybe I’d irritated you by sending you off to read another post. I have a way with words and women,sometimes. Can hardly wait to see you post some shots with your new camera. Make sure to join the Matador photography Group on Flickr; great bunch and a way to get some shots published. Thank you for your generous comments and have a Happy, Productive New Year !


  3. Hey Mike! Just got back from a long holiday season (most of which was spent shopping for a camera, which I did find–thank you for your help ;) and decided to catch up on your posts. Love the story (and your new pic)! The ending was sweet. Keep blogging, you’re fun to read! :)

  4. Threespoons, Bearshaped…and Kimayou,
    Thank you all for commenting. I have to be quick; got both my laptops fouled-up trying to get votes on that Trazzle thing. Gremlins or something got in when I let my wife and niece use their Hotmail accounts to wishlist me. Now when I go to my Trazzle account my name is Wakana Nago (niece). So, if I don’t get these blasted PC’s fixed soon, I might have to turn myself into Mrs Claues for the next Trip I submit !


  5. My husband was wrangled into playing Santasan one year in Osaka. He didn’t score any beer out of it, but he didn’t have a real beard either;-)

  6. because who doesn’t like a drunk santa? Kidding. I loved this story, and hope they can find a better way to hide you in the future. Maybe in a box, instead of a closet?

  7. I love it! It’s amazing what one little kid can do to change your entire perspective. One minute nothing more than to take a piss and counting down the seconds until you can leave and never have to do it again, and now you’ll always be Santa.

  8. Sabina,
    Volumes could be written about some of the crazy experiences I’ve had playing Santa over here. Trouble is, I can’t remember half of them !
    Thanks for droppin’ in and have Happy and Safe Holidays.


  9. This is a very entertaining story! I love the PTA supplying you with beer after beer for four hours before the Santa gig began. Never in America, I tell you that, or it would wind up all over the news. Great work!

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