13 responses to Never DELETE Your Shots In-Camera

  1. Unbelievable!!! That’s great! Think of the possibilities for publication now!

  2. Sounds like a great article topic for the Notebook ;)

  3. On the advise of another Pro at BetterPhoto I Googled and found all kinds of digital recovery software. After testing a few trial downloads and much confusion, I hit one that pulled-up, not only my lost festival photos, but everything that had been on that card, all the wat back to Jan 2009. It was a free download that wouldn’t save your photos until you bought the program. When I saw that it had my 137 photos I’d been kicking myself in the ass over loosing, they could have asked me for $1000 and I’d have gladly paid. Cost $39.00 ! http://www.photo-recovery-software.com The program: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. Absolutely, undeniabley made me the happiest SOB under the sun. I’m developing in the dark, right now, so excuse any typos.


  4. Woohoo! What program did you use?

  5. The world didn’t end. I found a magic program that recovered 135 RAW photo files that had been deleted from my SD card and a bonch more, intentionally deleted, all the wat back to FEB 2009. I’ll never say another bad word about COMPUTER GEEKS, again; the rest of my life. Theye’re GURUs, from now on !

  6. The shots are worth a fortune to me. Haven’t really had time to do a thorough search, yet. My Guru is usually right, but, just in case, I’m not re-formating or using that card until I know all hope is lost, which I’m pretty sure is the case.

  7. I don’t know what the pics are worth to you, but you might want to ask a professional data recovery company about that. If they work like computer harddrives at all, the data is never gone until the computer actually overwrites the data in that particular sector of the drive. So if you took the card out right after maybe there’s a chance the data is still there. As far as I know it’s very expensive though to get data recovered, if possible.

  8. The exact same question gnawed at me all the way home. I thought I’d heard about some sort of recovery program for blunders like this, somewhere. First thing I did was pull that card and replaced it with another one for the rest of the shoot.
    As soon as I got home I contacted my Guru and he said “Unless your camera has a recycle bin like a computer, the stuff is gone forever”. So, I checked my camera manual in case I’d missed something and it confirmed “Gone forever”. I haven’t touched the card since. If anyone hears of a way to recover the shots, I’m all ears!

  9. But also, the cameras allow you to lock images. So that could be another solution.

  10. Perhaps that sketch can fetch you more money than 100 photos would have. If not, maybe by the time your grandkids have finished their set of drawings, you can sell them as a compilation – “Out of the Ashes” you could call it. Or something like that. Or maybe not.

  11. Agree with you! Happened with me when I was underwater, somehow my finger moved faster than the camera itself. I wanna delete the blur pictures in order to have enough space to keep shooting, but then good pictures had gone too :-(

  12. Yup, I’ve done it now and then, just a single shot at a time. It’s alright as long as you’ve saved the good ones, first. But the big losses I’ve had were always when I got distracted and hit DELETE ALL, without realizing it. Never again.With the cost of SD cards dropping all the time, it’s much better to keep shooting and delete when you’re safe at home!
    Great sketch ! Wait’ll you see what the 10 and 12 year old Grandkids do, if I can get them to put their minds into it !

  13. That’s terrible Mike! I admit, I delete in camera all the time, but rarely more than one at a time. Great sketch!

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