4 responses to 1st time traveling with baby Niku: getting ready

  1. Thanks deanz I think her next trip is to San Fran with her auntie deanz :) have fun luv u

  2. Hi Jessy
    thank you, your words are very reassuring. I know everything will be perfectly fine but you can’t help but to worry a bit when there is even the slightest possibility for something that will bother her. But we are truly excited because it will be her 1st time seeing the ocean. Congratulations on your little baby, and must respect for doing it alone. This is one the best and most difficult experiences one can have and I very much admirer single parents. Hope your trip to Europe is beautiful and you have an amazing time with your baby (you didn’t mention if you have a boy/girl). If all goes well come down to Colombia on your next trip ;)

  3. Hi Sasazadeh,

    I’m sure the flight will be over before you know it. I have adopted a baby since December and we have already done many road trips in South Africa. Next week we’re going for the first time to Europe and I’m quite excited about, especially because I’m a single mom. I will be like a pack mule but I try to stick to my mantra: as long as she has food, clean bum and my hugs :)

  4. I know little Niku is a traveler at heart! #jetsetter #freespirits

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