2 responses to On my way to online barfly

  1. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the support and understanding. It is reassuring to know that others feel similarly whelmed by the onslaught of social media in our lives. That feeling of personal satisfaction when the prose is complete, and the heart and mind are unburdened, is quite frankly, the only driving motivation at this stage of the game. With luck there will be other motivators in the future :) – I’ll keep you posted.
    By the way Scott, your website is stunning, a most beautiful accompaniment to my morning coffee!

  2. Shelly, I wish you the best of luck with your aspirations of online-bar-fly-hood. Coming from another generation, and writing through both of them, I’m finding the digital world that many feel we must inhabit to be daunting, to say the least. I switched from article to book writing a decade ago, hoping this keeps me (somewhat) autonomous . . . we’ll see.

    Mentally, intuitively and experientially however I hope you find what I do when something is finished: a deeply personal satisfaction and thankfully wordless satisfaction with having gotten out onto paper (see, I still use paper:) what was in your heart/mind :)

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