4 responses to Think you’re adventurous? Think again.

  1. so true, so true…

  2. Shelly, your post struck an old nerve in me. Took me back to my first international trip – I was part of a 8 man expedition to attempt to run an unrun river in Peru. The river had never been attempted. The only information we had on it were 20 year old Peruvian Air Force photos of it.

    One of the men on the trip was the first man to hang glide off of El Capitan (if you don’t know it, it’s a 3000 foot vertical rock face in Yosemite Valley, California). The river freaked this guy out, he couldn’t imagine how those of us who were big water rafters did this kind of thing; as I heard him talk, my jaw dropped open . . . I was beyond scared to think of jumping off of a 3000 foot vertical cliff . . . :)

  3. Thanks for the brilliant comment, Scott. I wish you an adventure filled day too!

  4. Well said. Adventure, like many words, is subjective; but there are those who might consider a Lonely-Planet-led-adventure, an adventure; and there are those to whom such a thing is well south of adventure, who have their eyes on the highest peak, the lowest valley, finding a long forgotten indigenous people. It all depends, I think, on where each of us is starting from, what our own individual fears are.

    And Yes! Adventure, maybe for all of us, is simply pushing that envelope . . . into fear . . . discomfort . . . the unknown (internally, externally, or both) . . . you don’t have to climb Everest, paddle the Urubamba, you just have to identify your fear, and go beyond it.

    Wishing you an adventure filled day

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