4 responses to World Population Day: how 7 billion of us live, move and party

  1. thanks everyone!

    Rhohit, you’re right, there’s too much activity, but there’s no stopping..
    The problem is that people don’t think their individual choices matter, but they do. All of our actions, needs and wants contribute to it, and that’s what needs to change.
    We all need to take the role of ‪‎environmental‬, ‎conscious‬ and sustainable communities seriously.

  2. I like it! Very nice explanations and concepts.

  3. With more population and more industrialization the state of our cities are going to deteriorate. There has to be a point where we have to stop and look at the outcomes of our technological marvels and their subsequent effects on our ever changing society: too much dependence on capitalism and mass production shall create more chaos to the expanding world. There has to be a buckle point for every nation when it comes to capitalism and mass production. Exploitation by the west of the east has to stop somehow, and turned into a balance between profit and righteousness. Else: we would cram against each other in our technologically empowered cities, and cry for a more humane touch to life, in the not very distant future.
    The problem is: we just are not ready to stop. STOP: Damn, we just have to stop and look back and half of the problem shall be solved.

  4. Very nice visuals! :) :)

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