1 response to Spare Change, Like a Unicorn: The Guilt of Privilege

  1. I had my “Aha!” moment in Calcutta, on the first day of an eleven month RTW trip . . . people living in cardboard boxes . . . limbs mangled intentionally at birth so they could beg . . . a body on the sidewalk on my way downtown . . . people walking by, as if it happened all the time . . . which it did.

    The world, so eye-opening/heart-opening, for me, those things most often. My feelings that first day in Calcutta were existential . . . that “This” is how and what Life is . . . and that it had little to do with what I had been taught or cajoled into believing . . .

    And this is why I am such an advocate for travel, especially to places most unlike the world that I was born into. Since that first trip India has been, and continues to be, my favorite destination. India has humbled me, has found humility in me. My experiences there are less “memories” as soul-tattoos . . . indelible . . . even 32 years after Calcutta.

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