4 responses to Mekong River Dolphins of Northeast Cambodia

  1. I’m planning a January 2012 trip to Cambodia, and it’s amazing how difficult it is to find good informative articles about the country … this is one of them. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for reading Ms. Hawaii – how about the owner of Red Sun Falling – was he blasting ABHA when you were there? I’m back from the woods and hoping to check out your writer’s workshop.

    Also – I’m having trouble editing the above post – but credit for the awesome pic of the Cambodian kids goes to Mark Hochstetler, kyudo master of Akabira, Japan.

  3. the irrawaddy dolphins were quite plentiful when i visited kratie in april. however, my attempts at photographing them turned out to be an album much like the lochness monster. :) i had expected the irrawaddy to be pink like the fresh water dolphins in the amazon, but they were gray. it was a pleasant boat ride that reminded me a little of venice, as the boatmen would turn the motor off and paddle like gondoleers.

    red sun falling was an extremely pleasant cafe and served the BEST brownies (i’m talking to die for!)

    thanks for the trip down memory lane, tim!

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