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Current Openings

Note: All positions can be done remotely from any location.


Matador, the web’s leading travel publisher, is seeking savvy viral content producers to create content intended to be shared around the social web.


  • Writing, editing and producing highly shareable posts in the travel space
  • Writing headlines that people will want to click on
  • Sourcing high-quality images
  • Publishing 1-2 traffic-driving pieces weekly


  • A thorough understanding of the social web, and the ever-evolving Internet zeitgeist
  • A sensibility for what people on the internet want to share
  • An eye for captivating visuals
  • Insatiable appetite for viral content and social media
  • You’re driven to WIN, by having the largest number of people see your work
  • Established social media presence
  • Experience working for a professional media organization (Preferred)
  • A love of travel (Preferred)

To apply, use the application form below to send us links to your social presence. In addition:

  • Show us an example of something you’ve made take off across the web (or at least in your circle).
  • List 5-7 travel oriented links/videos/images that you think everybody should know about. Using your cultivated wit, write headlines for each link with a sentence explaining why a potential reader should click on it.


We’re looking for a skilled up-and-coming developer to join our team. You’ll be working under our CTO to develop all of Matador’s various properties.

Specific requirements:


  • Writes well documented, highly modular code
  • Knowledge in object-oriented programming and a strong understanding of MVC


  • Relational database knowledge and SQL experience


  • Understanding of CSS3 and HTML5
  • Browser independent coding with a strong sense of design


  • Knowledge of progressive enhancement techniques
  • Understanding of how AJAX works and how it is best implemented
  • Experience using JavaScript libraries such as jQuery


  • Understanding of writing custom themes and plugins
  • We love WordPress, so you should too


  • Knowledge of version control, how to use it, and know why it is important


  • Working knowledge of Linux would be a bonus


Matador Network is looking for a highly skilled mobile application developer to build some exciting new products working under our CTO.

Specific requirements:

  • Extensive experience with mobile application development environments including iOS and Android. Windows Mobile and BlackBerry nice to have.
  • Eye for clean, usable design
  • Experience with client-side application scripting in JavaScript
  • Experienced utilizing API’s for data collection and remote command execution
  • Knowledge of PHP and web-based development
  • Strong relational database knowledge and SQL experience with MySQL

Bonus points:

  • Strong Linux knowledge
  • Working knowledge of WordPress
  • Experience with version control, specifically SVN


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