Meet the team

Ross Borden / CEO, Co-Founder of Matador / Twitter: @rossborden

Since starting Matador in 2006, Ross Borden has worked with dozens of brands and destinations on custom content and viral marketing campaigns. He is an expert at destination/tourism marketing and in 2013/14 will be speaking at travel/tourism conferences in Berlin, Mexico, Norway, London, New York, and Namibia. He has lived in Spain, Kenya, and Argentina, and currently splits time between New York and his native San Francisco.

Kelly Faddis / CFO

Kelly Faddis lives in Portland, OR.

Network Design & Development

Stefan Klopp / CTO / Twitter: @kloppster

Stefan Klopp is the CTO of Matador and all around tech ninja. He keeps the Matador turtles at bay, all the while developing the latest features for the site. Stefan is a craftsman at heart with a passion for travel, and a photographic eye. He has been known to bake a mean cake, and brew a tasty beer.

Doug Mcleod / Developer

Doug works tirelessly developing all the wonderful features of Matador. With years of experience in both design and programming he is able to craft unique multimedia experiences. Living in Vancouver he is often found riding the local trails on his mountain bike.

Social Media

Katka Lapelosa / Managing Editor & Director of Social Media / Twitter: @katkatravels

Katka is a travel writer and editor based in New York. Her first eBook, 101 Guys to Date Before You Die, launched in 2013. Other publications include articles for Reader’s Digest, Budget Travel, The Huffington Post, GM’s Drive the District, Thought Catalog, Travel Fashion Girl, Listicle, Yelp!, Groupon, and more. Learn more about her by visiting

Sarah Park / Social Media / Twitter: @itsmesarahp

Sarah Park is currently spending her quarter-life crisis shuffling between the endless sunshine of San Diego and the incredibly long winters of the Eastern Sierra. She lives and works in Mammoth Lakes, against the beautiful backdrop of trees, mountains, and grungy snowboarders who smell. When not out snowboarding, Sarah occupies her time hiking with her boyfriend and their dog, making disastrous mistakes in the kitchen, and trying to decide where they should live next. Read about her latest exploits on her blog, which she occasionally remembers to update.


David Miller / Senior Editor / Twitter: @dahveed_miller

David Miller is senior editor of Matador (winner of 2010, 2011 Lowell Thomas awards). After living with his wife and two young children in Patagonia, Argentina, he’s recently settled back in Asheville, North Carolina.

Hal Amen / Managing Editor, AdOps Manager / Twitter: @halamen

Hal has lived in South Korea, Bolivia, and Argentina, and is currently settled in Austin, TX. He is the co-author of Korean for Beginners and My First Book of Korean Words. His often-neglected personal blog is at WayWorded.

Laura Bernhein / Associate Editor

Laura Bernhein is co-editor of Matador en Español.

Rory Moulton / Managing Editor / Twitter: roryam

Rory Moulton is a writer and editor living in the Colorado Rockies with his wife and son. He’s written for numerous magazines, websites, and newspapers. Rory authored the guidebook Paris with Kids 2015, available for pre-order now and set for release December 2, 2014. He’s constantly on the hunt for deep powder and delicious salsa.

Debbie Gonzalez Canada / Spanish Editor & Translator / Twitter: @debgcanada

Debbie prefers not to tag herself, but if she must: She chooses dancer, friend, traveler, facilitator of learning and sustainability specialist wannabe. Keen on trying new things and meeting diverse beings with whom she can practice the art of conversation, she particularly enjoys working with kind-bright-joyful-creative people and has been privileged to do so in a number of non-profits, experiential learning projects, and now Matador. Argentine by birthplace, she is now looking forward to moving to Australia for a Master’s in environment.

Ailsa Ross / Production Editor / Twitter: @ailsa_writes

Meditating with the happiest monk in South Korea, discovering the power of cocoa with the Chocolate Shaman of Guatemala…Ailsa travels the world and writes narratives about her experiences. She’s currently based in the Canadian Rockies, where she’s researching the world’s unsung women explorers. Special Projects Editor for Matador Network and contributor to National Geographic online, Nerve, Thought Catalog, Literary Traveler, and Viator, Ailsa has worked as a travel writer for over four years. Check out her blog, Dreaming of Argentina.

Matt Hershberger / Lead Producer / Twitter: @MattHershberger

Matt is a writer and blogger based in Washington, DC who has lived in London, Buenos Aires, and Beijing. His hobbies include profanity, Scotch consumption, and human rights activism. You can find him at A Man Without a Country.

Morgane Croissant / Lead Producer

Morgane is a literature geek and a nature lover born and raised in France. She is also Editor of Matador French.

Matador Media House

Scott Sporleder / Creative Director / Director of Travel Filmmaking program, MatadorU

Scott is a professional photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker who found his passion for travel documentation while living in China. Scott’s most recent project, “Ixim”, is a documentary short about indigenous Guatemalans. When Scott is not on the road you can find him in the ocean near his home in Laguna Beach.

Eric Warren / Video Editor / Twitter: @advenjunkie

Eric Warren is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker with an unhealthy, dichotomous love for the natural world and all types of modern transportation. Based in Billings, Montana, he is usually found exploring the American west in a 1994 Chevy Cavalier convertible or riding backcountry trails on his mountain bike. His current projects include filming a documentary about a rural town that started a 24-hour mountain bike race to save its cafe, as well as creating exploding blood packs and cleaning machine guns on the production crew of a zombie movie.

Matador Ambassadors

Cody Forest Doucette / Ambassador Team Manager

Cody Forest Doucette was born in the heartland of Wisconsin, raised in the mountains of Idaho and educated on the beaches of California at UCSB. Working with his twin brother, writer Kitt Doucette, he has spent the past six years circling the globe in pursuit of images and experiences which capture both the beauty of the natural world and the complexity of the human condition in the 21st century. You can find more of his work on his website,

Matador University

Carlo Alcos / Director of MatadorU & Managing Editor / Twitter: @vagab0nderz

Carlo lives in Nelson, BC where he ponders big life questions, tends to his garden, and enjoys fresh mountain air. His work has appeared on CNN Travel, Asian Traveler, and Huffington Post TV. You can find him on Facebook here.

Katie Scott Aiton / MatadorU Director of Sales & Editorial Outreach Coordinator

Katie has been traveling Asian/Pacific region for 10 years working as a forensic anthropologist and regional analyst. She hails from Scotland, where she studied Anthropology and International business progressing to Sydney to study and teach in the School of Peace and Journalism. Katie has worked for the United Nations as a translator, negotiator and media liaison in Cambodia, Australia, and New York. When she not surfing, chasing summers and eating coconuts, she is writing stories in Sydney, Australia.

Mary Sojourner / MatadorU Writing Faculty

Mary Sojourner, NPR commentator, is the author of the novel Sisters of the Dream; short story collection Delicate; essay collection, Bonelight: ruin and grace in the New Southwest; memoir/rant/mediation, Solace: rituals of loss and desire; and the forthcoming novel, Going Through Ghosts, U. of Nevada Press, Spring 2010. Writing is her demanding ally — and her lifeblood.

Emma Thieme / MatadorU Writing Faculty

Emma is a Matador Network contributing editor and MatadorU writing faculty member. She holds a degree in journalism with a focus in women’s studies. Emma comes from Maine, a place of wide-open spaces, yet she’s become a master of living in small boxes, including a 27-foot sailboat in the Caribbean, an off-the-grid cabin in rural Maine, and a rented closet-sized room in a men’s halfway house. She’s also a yoga teacher, an amateur motorcyclist, and a leather worker.

Cathy Brown / MatadorU Writing Faculty / Twitter: @LatinAmerExpats

Cathy Brown is a freelance travel writer living out her “Little House on the Prairie” dreams in Patagonia. She supports herself as a single mom of three adventurers by writing guidebooks, doing luxury hotel reviews, and editing Escape From America magazine. Come chat at

Kate Siobhan / MatadorU Photography Faculty / Twitter: @katesiobhan

Kate Siobhan is a writer and photographer from Vancouver, BC. Holding a degree in Creative Non-Fiction / Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, and armed with a camera, Kate has been on the road on and off since 2005. When not writing for Matador or working at the U, Kate runs The Giving Lens, and runs international teams of photographers on humanitarian / travel photography trips. Interests include beer, more beer, sleeping, surfing, reading, instagramming, coffee, more coffee, and her husband. Probably in that order. Work and travels found at

Morgan de Boer / MatadorU Marketing Assistant / Twitter: @morgandeboer

Morgan is a native of New Jersey who lives in Hayama, Japan. She likes to write about food, travel, and being one half of a military family. She is studying creative writing and working on a collection of essays on Japan.

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