Network Overview

Matador Trips

Matador Trips publishes guides, photo essays, and information about places that readers aren’t likely to find in any guidebook. Trips’ destination guides are written at ground level, by people who have either grown up in, or have an expert knowledge-level of, the places they’re writing about.


The Traveler’s Notebook

An online magazine at the intersection of writing, travel, and place, the Notebook features practical information for writers, photographers, and filmmakers, with tips on craft as well as a special emphasis on first-person narratives, often literally taking the form of unedited notes or journal pages.


Matador Sports

Matador Sports publishes profiles, interviews, first-person narratives, and photo essays that examine places, personalities, and cultures around the world through sport. There is a special emphasis on local crews of climbers, skiers, snowboarders, surfers, kayakers, and other adventure athletes pushing limits. Sports also features how-tos for those interested in trying new sports, as well as selected news coverage for events both large (World Cup) and local (Green Race.)


Matador TV

Matador TV curates the best travel video online, both original productions and work from inspiring travel filmmakers, and publishes travel video tips.


Matador Life

Matador Life discusses issues and practicalities of everyday life for those who have come home from traveling, or are at a new place in their lives. Topics include financial management, relationships, family dynamics, child raising, and health. There is a special emphasis on personal essays and writing about one’s hometown.


Matador Change

Matador Change publishes a mix of profile-type articles, interviews, volunteer guides, and occasional news bits focusing on people and organizations working in social justice, conservation, and sustainability. It also features first-person dispatches from volunteers in the field.


Matador Abroad

Matador Abroad publishes a variety of travel narratives and practical information pieces on study, travel, and teaching abroad, as well as expatriate life and language learning.


Brave New Traveler

BNT explores all different elements of religion, spirituality, and philosophy as they relate to travel and the “inner journey.”


Matador Goods

Matador Goods reviews books, gear, cameras, electronics, and other travel-related gadgets, highlighting products from companies that give back to the community and/or are environmentally friendly. It also runs a popular “What’s In Your Backpack?” series that gives readers a peek into the lifestyles of various personalities.


Matador Nights

Matador Nights explores world nightlife culture, with articles on bars, festivals, parties, restaurants, and music from around the world.


Matador en Español

Matador en Español features Spanish translations of some of Matador’s most important original articles, along with new voices from Latino writers, journalists, photographers, and filmmakers around the world on travel, place, culture, music, nightlife, sports, food, and raising a family.


Matador Pulse

Pulse is Matador’s meta-blog, with content focused on Matador news, community, and events. 99% of the content on this blog is staff-written; however, if a writer has a timely piece about a Matador event, queries will be considered.

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