Matador Internship Program

Why should I be interested in an internship at Matador?

Matador is on the cutting edge of the travel and new media industry. We’ve won awards for our content and are on the leading front in evolving the way travel is written about, filmed, and photographed, as well as how it is marketed. Our online school, MatadorU, with its high-quality curriculum, community, and faculty, continues to grow into the new space of online travel journalism education. We also have exciting projects, such as our Ambassadors program, and Matador Productions, which produces original travel video content. From its humble beginnings in 2006 Matador has grown to be the largest online independent travel publication in the world. And we’re not stopping there!

As an intern, what would I be expected to do?

To be perfectly transparent, this is an unpaid internship, but it’s certainly not a one-way street. We value the time and effort you’ll be putting toward your internship at Matador. Once you’ve finished reading this section, you’ll see what we can offer you.

As a distributed company, Matador doesn’t have a central office location. We’re literally all over the map and work entirely virtually. We have staff located across the US from San Francisco to New York and around the world from Canada to Cambodia. We use an online workspace tool and plenty of Skype and Google Hangouts to collaborate and run Matador Network, so you need to be able to work remotely and have regular access to a computer and internet.

Below are some sample duties you’d be expected to perform as an intern:

  • Working directly with Editorial staff in the content production process
  • Sourcing images to be used in published articles
  • Researching information and data to be used in published articles
  • Keeping up to date on current news events and proposing relevant events to Editorial
  • Being active in the Community by commenting on blog and forum posts
  • Assisting Marketing to promote content via social media platforms
  • Researching markets to promote content to
  • Assisting in the analysis of social media statistics
  • Helping keep our records up to date
What benefits would I receive being an intern for Matador?
  • Free tuition to MatadorU Travel Writing, Photography, and Filmmaking courses
  • Learning about the inner-workings of the largest online travel publication in the world
  • Direct editorial support and feedback for all processes in the production of content that you’re involved in
  • Access to and engagement in Editorial and Marketing discussions
  • Access to internally posted article titles
  • Support in crafting content for publication at Matador, if you choose
  • Learning and practicing using a variety of social media platforms
  • Building out your resume and/or bio with the Matador brand
Departments at Matador

As an intern, you may be working more predominantly in one of the below.

  • Editorial
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Design
  • Web Development
  • Video / Film Production
  • Education
  • Management

*On the application form you will state your field(s) of preference; you can select any number of them.

Intern requirements

General requirements for interns

  • Must be age 18+
  • Enrolled in or a graduate of post-secondary education, or equivalent experience
  • You must have regular access to a computer and the internet
  • You must be available on a consistent basis for at least 2 hours/day (10 hours/week)
  • Enthusiastic and keen to learn
  • Dependable and responsible

Requirements for Editorial intern

  • Enrolled in or a graduate of post-secondary education related to journalism (MatadorU included), or equivalent experience
  • Be familiar with Matador’s content mission, tone, and style (read our Overview as well as several recently published articles)
  • Have writing and/or photography experience
  • Must have a deep interest in travel and global issues
  • Ability to research efficiently and effectively
  • Be creative and not afraid to express opinions and ideas
  • Ideally familiar with WordPress

Requirements for Marketing intern

  • Have active accounts in some social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc)
  • Well versed in internet search
  • Must have a deep interest in travel and global issues
  • Ability to think critically and analytically

Requirements for Design intern

  • Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Aperture, Lightroom, and/or similar design programs
  • A creative mindset
  • Detail-oriented
  • Ability to follow instructions

Requirements for Web Development intern

  • Solid use of CSS and HTML using web standards
  • Working knowledge of building web applications with PHP & MySQL
  • Ideally experience with WordPress
  • Working knowledge of Javascript (JQuery a bonus)
  • Working knowledge of source control (SVN experience is helpful)
  • Bonus, but not required: Understanding of MVC, OOP and Linux SSH/CLI
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Specific intern positions Matador is currently seeking to fill

General applications that are not position specific are reviewed on a rolling basis.

There are currently no specific intern positions available. Check back later!

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