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Following up on her article, 10 Brands That Don’t Deserve to Declare Themselves “Green”, Marica Sutic introduces us to ten green companies that got it right.
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Weeding out “greenwashers” from companies that strive to be “green” can be difficult for the average consumer. There are a number of dedicated companies with policies and practices in place which make your health and the health of our environment a top priority.

Here are ten companies that deserve to call themselves green:

1) On the Fly

Their Ecovending SmartKarts run on battery power and offer locally produced environmentally friendly foods in the Washington, D.C. area. On the Fly’s decision to use local suppliers reduces their carbon footprint and provides support for the local economy. Their takeout bags are made from cornstarch, food arrives packaged in bamboo containers and utensils are made from potato based products. By providing free range chicken, organic produce, and snacks such as protein drinks and bars, On the Fly is a great example that “fast food” can be healthy.

2) Ecover

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Ecover provides earth friendly, household cleaning products. Their products are non-toxic and made with plant based, biodegradable ingredients. Each product is made in sustainable factories built from environmentally respectable materials. Ecover’s original Belgium-based factory has a grass roof providing temperature and noise insulation throughout the year. The factory gets some of its power from wind turbines in the area and surrounds itself by plants native to the area.

3) TerraCycle

TerraCycle believes there is no such thing as garbage and thus, creates products from waste. Their well known fertilizer is made out of worm excrement (poop) and packaged in used plastic soda bottles. In fact, all of their products are packaged in waste right down to the cardboard boxes which are made from other companies’ misprints that would otherwise end up in the garbage. TerraCycle’s concept and practices are leading the way for ecologically and sociably responsible sustainability.

4) Pangea Organics

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Pangea Organics makes an organic skin care line whose plant-based gels are made entirely without petrochemicals, parabens, and other synthetic ingredients. Their products also come packaged in environmentally friendly, 100% post consumer paper boxes that can be soaked in water, planted in your garden, and turned into a plant

5) Frogpond Farm

These makers of the only certified organic wines in Ontario use renewable energy to power their winery. Their wines are a healthier alternative without skimping on taste.

6) Costa Rica Naturals Ecopaper

This company provides buyers with tree free paper made from sustainable materials such as bananas, coffee and tobacco. It provides a great way to save trees which prevents further destruction of endangered forests.

7) Seventh Generation

This company provides consumers with a complete line of nontoxic household products. They produce paper products that are processed chlorine free (PCF) and are made from 100% recycled materials- minimum 80% post consumer. Their eco-friendly cleaning supplies are biodegradable, nontoxic, chlorine free, and made with no petroleum based solvents.

8 ) Morse-Brown Design

Morse-Brown Design is a British graphic design agency with a strong environmental conscience. Their electricity comes from 100% renewable sources. The company uses a solar powered charger to charge cell phones. All employees bike, walk or take the train to work each day. For clients and workers, all coffee and tea supplied are fair trade products. They also use recycled paper when printing.

9) ThinkHost

This web hosting service is 100% powered by the wind and sun. Rather than driving to work every day, employees work from home saving thousands of gallons of fuel. The company keeps electronic records of all their business information, which reduces waste and the unnecessary destruction of trees for paper.

10) Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path makes a wide range of organic cereal products. They are committed to sustainable practices and provide healthier products for consumers. This company saves electricity by installing sun lights rather than traditional lighting in their office.

Numerous companies exist with the same green spirit and eco-friendly concerns. Others are making small strides, realizing that sustainability is a necessity in every business model. As long as concerned, informed consumers continue to support these businesses, we will see more changes in the marketplace and hopefully “green” will be the standard, not the exception.



About The Author

Marica Sutic

Marica Sutic is a stay-at-home mom who is an aspiring photographer and freelance writer. She is passionate about nature and environmental issues and her writing and photography reflect that. Her writing about environmental issues can be found at Living in a Toxic World.

  • natalie

    This is a very informative article. It's a really great follow up to your last article about "greenwashing". Hummm. I wonder if Wal-Mart sells any of these products. lol. just kidding :)

  • Diana

    I am so glad that you wrote this follow up article. I will look forward to more of these informative articles from you in the future.Keep up the good work. We are all learning something from this. Thank you!

  • Tae Pang

    Great blog! Office greening is a growing trend that will benefit not only the environment, but also businesses. These big businesses are setting a great example for others to follow. However, don't have the notion that only big corporations with fat wallets can afford to go green. In reality, going green is becoming more realistic for every type of business, big or small. There are many different ways to green your office from small things like turning off the light when no one is using a room to big strides like getting your office LEED certified. For more information and tips on how to make your office more green and efficient, visit our website

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