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Book your hostel bed using the WeHostels app and enter the code MATADOR to receive $10 off.

WEHOSTELS is a hostel-booking app with a social component. You can browse their database of thousands of hostels and budget hotels all over the world, book on the go, and connect with travelers who’ve stayed before you or whose visits will overlap with yours.

Every hostel’s listing includes a “Hostel Lounge” designed to replicate the dynamics of an actual hostel lounge. On the “wall,” travelers can have an open conversation about the hostel, city or things to do. They can then use the “planner” to plan activities and invite other people to join. Lastly, the “City Guide” provides a list of nearby places to go, based on the Foursquare API and geo-located on a map.

The folks behind WeHostels believe that “travel isn’t about the places; it’s about the people.” This resonates with us at Matador, a company that’s grown directly out of a strong Community of travelers.

WeHostels was founded in 2011 and originally focused on properties in South America, and they’re still especially well represented in Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. But thanks to partnerships with Hostelworld and, more recently, Expedia, app users will have access to listings from around the world.

Bonus: Referral program – The social element extends to the potential for reward when you refer your fellow travelers. When you invite a friend, she gets $10 in hostel credits. When she books her first hostel, you get $10 too.

Download the free app via iTunes, or visit the WeHostels mobile site from any smartphone or tablet. And don’t forget to use the code MATADOR (all caps) for $10 off.

About The Author

Hal Amen

Hal Amen is a managing editor at Matador. His personal travel blog is WayWorded.

  • Olivia Cunningham

    for whatever reason I can’t get this to work, either as an app or as a mobile site. when I get to the “choose available beds” page it freezes and won’t display options. any tips?

    • Chris Piazza

      I Olivia. I am with WeHostels, sorry to hear of your trouble and sorry for the late response. We were having some technical trouble when you wrote this, have you since tried to access WeHostels?

    • Bernard Noonan

      Hello Chris,
      I’m having the same problem as Olivia. Will we be able to use your service?

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