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Recreate your very own scene from JAWS right at home…

Measuring in at 7 feet long comes the latest breakthrough in sleeping bag technology called the ChumBuddy. Hand crafted with care using soft fleece fabric and 30 lbs of poly fill material, this bag also doubles up as a plush stuffed toy for kids.

According to designer PatchTogether,

In an effort to make sharks (a very misunderstood animal that also happens to be one of my favorites) more cuddly, I designed and produced a prototype for the ChumBuddy.

So do you think this is an ingenious idea?

Well, the Huffington Post thinks otherwise, citing:

What child wants this? No offense to the creator, as it’s an ingenious design, but we repeat: what child wants this? Kids have enough problems being afraid of the dark (there was even a SNICK show dedicated to this subject matter), so we can’t imagine there’s a kid out there begging their parents for the sleeping bag that will devour them in their sleep.

That said, if such a kid does exist (and we hope he doesn’t), make sure he gets this “Chumbuddy” – he’s not someone you want to cross. (via Patch Together)

And what do I think?

Anything that reminds me I’m merely flesh and bones that can be gobbled up by an animal just like I tear into grilled chicken churns my stomach…pun intended.

Price: $199.95 | Estimated Shipping Date: 4th Quarter, 2010

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Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström

Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström is a MatadorU faculty member and Network contributor. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Vogue, BBC,, and many more. Follow her photoblog at

  • Leigh

    I could totally see a kid loving this. Not mine. She’s all into princesses, but some of her friends, especially boys would take it in a second.

    The price, though, seems a bit much.

  • bob

    You’re crazy!!! This is awesome! Kids wouldn’t have so much trouble sleeping at night if their parents wouldn’t let them watch all the sh*t that’s on television. And I know many children that would be completely entralled w/ this.

  • Madeleine

    This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

  • Helen

    I love it! I want one! Looks really comfy…

  • jon

    Look, I think a lot of people are missing a very obvious fact; I want one of these as a 24 year old adult!

    Not just a sweet ass body pillow but also a sleeping bag AND an awesome inanimate wrestling buddy.

    I’m pretty sure marketing this to kids is a mistake. Market this to all the people who never grew up.

    • Michelle Schusterman

      Jon, I completely read that as “intimate wrestling buddy.” Bringing a whole new meaning to this toy.

  • Eman

    OMG. I want one!!

  • Candice

    It’s $199.99??!!!!!

  • maggie

    pretty sure as kids my brother and i would have fought over this. we’d need two.

    also, not gonna lie, kind of want one right now. and pretty sure my brother would also. :D

  • Sandy

    It’s clearly for kids- Kids aged 15-90

  • Sarah G.

    Dude!!!! Best sleeping bag ever! And who cares about the kids, I use sleeping bags all the time as an adult. Saves on the electric bill not to turn the heater on. Plus my current giant pillow shark is only 5ft long and falling apart at the seems. Time to bat my eyes at my husband for an early anniversary gift.

  • Susie

    “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Oscar Wilde.

    Really, people need to lighten up. As a teacher and a mother, I find that people pick the most ridiculous this to get up in arms about. REALLY, there are so many more important issues out there. My six year old son wants one for his birthday (chosen OVER the xbox or playstation) soooooo does that mean that my son is, ummm what did the reviewer say: ”

    “That said, if such a kid does exist (and we hope he doesn’t), make sure he gets this “Chumbuddy” – he’s not someone you want to cross.”

    WOW, if such a kid does exist? Like this person knows the minds of all young children and the ones who want this must be vicious little evil doers?

    My child went through 3 years of Montessori school (whose basis is in peace education, understanding tolerance, and learning about how things function and work together in nature. He would not kill a bug because my 6 year old believes and I quote, “All life is precious mommy.” when I went to squish a spider in the house. Hmmm, I guess this truly is a child you wouldn’t want to cross based on the fact he wants a giant shark pillow. Seriously? What an asinine judgement.

    Oh, and my son (because he has a shark pillow) won’t be racing into the ocean any time soon to be hugging a cuddly shark. He knows the difference.

    How about people choose more REAL problems to address and just have fun with this idea. Oh, and my brother, who loved to surf as a teen had a close encounter with a shark… terrified him…. HE thinks the pillow is hysterical. Perhaps it IS okay to use humor to cope with fears. Hmmmm just a thought.

  • Glen Coco

    I know a lot of kids who would want this… However, if you were aiming at a group like.. 15+, they would sell so fast.
    Anyone who doesn’t want one is just plain silly.

  • Ciara-kira

    you go glen coco

  • Kate

    I would love to own one of these. I just asked four kids ranging from ages 8-12 if they would too. Yea, each one agreed and neither thought that it was the slightest bit scary.

  • Bigrednumber1

    How do you buy one of the Shark sleeping bag/ body pillow?  I have a daughter that is asking Santa for one for Christmas.  Please HELP!!!!!

  • Poofa

    I’m 46 and I want one.

    Sadly the one pictured is not the one for sale, although it’s getting good votes so maybe soon.

  • Kavik Curtis

    Whoever wrote the negative articles above should be slapped…hard. This pillow is awesome and and I can’t think of a single child in my whole family (which is a LOT of children) that wouldn’t be crazy about this thing.

  • Laurie Pita Souza

    I saw this on Pinterest but the link wasn’t provided. I had to google it because my kids would LOVE this.

  • Harriet Alice Armatage

    Not just kids want this ever, I’d be honored to share my bed with this fuzzy man eater.

  • Sophia May Guillory

    I want this! how can I buy it?

  • Sarah

    This is dope, but I’ll make my own for a fraction of the cost

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