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Photo courtesy of Gizmodo

Check out how internet costs and speeds around the world compare on this killer infographic.

Out of the top 20 nations in the ITIF Broadband rankings, the good old U.S. of A. ranks in at…fifteen. Ouch. Compare our average of 4.8mbps and $3.33 per 1 mbps to Sweden, where an average of 18mbps costs around $0.63. In a rather unshocking finish, Japan and Korea rank first and second, with 61mbps and 46 mbps, $0.27 and $0.45, respectively.

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Michelle Schusterman

Michelle is a musician, writer, and teacher just trying to see the world while doing what she loves for a living. She's taught ESL in Salvador, Brazil and kindergarten in Suwon, Korea, and now she's a full-time freelance writer living in Seattle (just to keep the city alliteration going). She'll try pretty much any food once and believes coffee is its own food group.

  • Hal Amen

    Wow, very interesting!

  • josh johnson

    I have never thought of this. Another interesting conversation is the energy cost of the internet…it is estimated that soon the internet will surpass automobiles in total carbon footprint…

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