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Watching the progression from iMac to iPhone will leave every Apple junkie wondering…what’s next?

And yes, I’m definitely one of those proud junkies.

However, even I have to admit that this video, put together by the guys at MacLife, had me giggling at first with the wild applause bestowed upon the bubbly, candy-colored iBook.

But watching the evolution of that to the Air, which was ceremoniously pulled out of a manila envelope to oohs and aahs for its public introduction, is pretty cool.

As is the procession of the first bulky iPod to the iPod Touch, which I am lovingly cradling in my lap as I type.

With the rumors about the Tablet announcement in January spreading for months now, I’m wondering if Mr. Jobs has “one more thing” he’s not letting us in on just yet.

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Michelle Schusterman

Michelle is a musician, writer, and teacher just trying to see the world while doing what she loves for a living. She's taught ESL in Salvador, Brazil and kindergarten in Suwon, Korea, and now she's a full-time freelance writer living in Seattle (just to keep the city alliteration going). She'll try pretty much any food once and believes coffee is its own food group.

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    gotta run now, bbl

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