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Matador Ambassador Shon Bollock gives it a go.

THE FREERIDE is one of the most versatile boats I have ever been in. Strong down river and just as fun surfing and playing. Here is a little low-water Sacramento, playing and enjoying all that the Freeride has to offer.

Here’s what LL has to say about the boat:

    “The design concepts of the Freeride 57 and 67 allow the paddler to take full advantage of the total play potential of any river or play park with complete comfort and confidence. Be it surfing smooth carved lines on the face of a wave, throwing well balanced precision cartwheels and loops, or splatting and squirting your way down the river, the Freeride is designed to create that uncharted line.”

Enjoy the edit to Cali P’s “Make Sure” and check out more at Shot exclusively on the GoPro Hero 2.

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About The Author

Shon Bollock

Shon Bollock is a Cali bred whitewater kayaker and filmmaker from Mt. Shasta. He has been on the water since he was 2 months old and is the owner of Shasta Boyz Productions, under which he has produced two feature films. This kid has been a GoPro athlete for 6+ years and was Matador's first sponsored athlete. A continuing influence within the paddling community, he represents companies such as Subaru, Sanuk, Five Ten, and Liquidlogic.

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