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Tell us about the travel trouble you’ve gotten into and get free Gerber gear. Someone wins everyday. Deadline is Wednesday, Dec 5th at midnight EST.

IF YOU’VE TRAVELED ENOUGH you’ve likely gotten into trouble: lost in the woods, mugged at the train station, stuck on a 36 hour bus ride with no bathroom breaks. These are moments where you were hating it at the time, but in retrospect they became your best stories.

Send Matador your story or photo of travel gone wrong. In partnership with our friends at Gerber, we’re giving the daily winners tools that just might help you get out of trouble.

For 10 consecutive days, one daily winner will be awarded both the sleek Venture Knife and the versatile Steady Tool (the first multi-tool with an iPod tripod).

From all the entries we will select a Grand Prize winner who will walk away with the Gerber Apocalypse Kit — an assortment of knives, axes, machetes, and tools specifically assembled to survive when everything goes wrong.

Note: There is no limit to how many stories / photos you can submit.


1. Complete the required entry fields below.

2. Using the form below, submit either:

  • a photo and caption (Photo Entry), or
  • a descriptive story illustrating your troubled moment of travel (Story Entry).

3. (optional) Hit the Tweet button below and tell the world that you found trouble.

Gerber’s “Hello Trouble” competition details

Deadline for the competition is Wednesday, Dec 5th, at midnight EST.
* Photos and writing will be judged by Matador editors and MatadorU faculty.
* By submitting your photo or writing, you agree to allow Matador to publish them, unaltered, in future posts related to the contest. All other rights retained by the photographer. The 10 Daily Winners’ and the Grand Prize Winners’ entries will be published in a Matador feature article.
* The grand prize winner will be announced Friday, Dec 7th.

FOLLOW THE GERBER CREW as they roll from Portland to NYC in an epic American road trip in search of…yup, trouble.



About The Author


Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.

  • Melanie Cobb

    Hmmm. The contest says, “Complete required entry fields below,” but there are no entry fields – not on the whole page. Help? Thanks.

    • Risa Chu

      I was just thinking the same thing, I can’t find them either….so maybe it’s not just me?

  • Iain Montgomery

    Not sure how to enter without an entry field?

    • Melanie Cobb

      Joshywashington, please advise.

  • Hal Amen

    sorry everyone, just a little glitch we had today. form should be back in action.

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