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Forget the Black Forest cake your mom bought you for your birthday, or the simple white multi-layered wedding cake on your special day. These cakes are so awesome you don’t even want to eat them.

Cake sculpting first began as a hobby and is now a full-fledged career option with artists competing for creativity and cake prices climbing a never ending ladder.

Here are 20 examples of some of the most creative cake sculptures you’d never want to cut.

Some photos are copyrighted and only used with the artist’s permission.



About The Author

Daniel Nahabedian

Daniel left behind his cubicle in 2009 to start a RTW journey & follow his true passion: photography. He is currently settling down in Thailand to work on his Travel Photo Blog Canvas of Light & become a full time freelance Travel Photographer.

  • ChicagoBernard

    I want the giant octopus cake, only if its modeled after that octopus that picks soccer team wins…

  • Rubymaker

    That octopus is freaking insane. 

  • Ocassandrae

    Who is gonna want to eat a Octopus?

  • Ocassandrae

    Who will get his Dick to eat? Ha ha!

  • louisville chiropractic

    a large cephalopod belonging to the genus Enteroctopus

  • TixWoo

    Oh wow, most impressive indeed. Very nice.

  • Monique Berry

    Generally, I hate the look of an octopus but not in this case. Unbelievable!

  • Sudosudash

    How about crediting the artists that create them instead of just generating impression income off of their work without attribution?

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Hi, I don’t really know if you read the text next to each photo but I credited all the artists when known and asked their permission to use their photos. Many of these shots are also under creative commons and all photographers are linked in the description.

  • cheri lucas.

    Love the steampunk, digital camera, and briefcase cakes! What a fun slideshow.

  • Tarachaffey

    The unicorn cake is wonderful but i am wondering, how do you get it to support itself considering it is only standing on two legs and a tail? is it all made of cake?

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