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Simple economics, right? Make more money than you spend.

RELATIVELY SPEAKING, Apple doesn’t hold that much more money than the US government. The big difference, though, is that Apple seems to spend it more wisely. According to the BBC, while the US government has an operating cash balance of $73.7 billion, Apple’s cash (plus liquid assets) sits at $76.4 billion.

The US government spends $200 billion more than it brings in, every month. On the other hand, Apple’s net income is on the rise, increasing to 125% over the three months ending June 25. But there’s no telling what Apple will be doing with all its money. Daniel Ashdown, an analyst at Juniper Research, says that “Apple keeps its cards close to its chest.”

What are the chances they’ll help bail out the US?

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  • Mace

    This “blog” post (or whatever it is) is so absurd, I cannot tell whether it’s being ironic because the “major” media outlets are comparing Apple to the US government, or whether the author is a total, utter moron.

    • Carlo Alcos

      I’m gonna go with me being an utter moron.

    • Amir Mian

      chill out

  • d

    the us government is in debt but its not like its out of control, its complicated and if you know a thing or two you would know we arent doing to bad

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