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Fillmore District rapper DaVinci speaks out against gentrification in San Francisco’s Western Addition.

THE “URBAN RENEWAL” plan for San Francisco’s Fillmore District has been labelled a disaster by some. Over the past couple of decades, 883 businesses were closed, 4729 households were pushed out of their neighbourhoods, and 2500 Victorian houses were demolished. For the folks affected by these changes, it wasn’t worth it for a fancy jazz club, a new residential building and bunch of fast-food joints.

Those living in the Fillmore District at the beginning of redevelopment felt there was no need to fix something that wasn’t broken. In fact, the “vibrant, black commercial district” provided services and employment for thousands.

There are a few remaining district natives, however. Meet DaVinci, a rapper speaking up on behalf of his people about gentrification in his home. For him, Fillmore District is the foundation of his music.

“There’s a whole ‘nother lifestyle right across the street that’s going to take over someday,” he explains.

Check out the video.

DaVinci: A Fillmore Story from WEREHAUS on Vimeo.

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