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Those of us who love food, know the internet is the best place to go when we want to expand our minds and palates. Here are five websites that will take your culinary imagination farther than perhaps you even wanted to go.

Food As Porn

Photo by Shannalee T’koy. Feature by Theilr

Not since Georgia O’Keefe has one woman made inanimate objects seem quite so sensuous and alive. Shanalee T’Koy of Food Loves Writing fills her blog with soft, warm, tasty photos of fruit, bakery buns, brunches and the people who lust after them.

In spite of her fantasy-provoking and mouth watering photography, Shanalee’s writing and recipe style is down-to-earth and easy. She makes you feel like you’d just love to sit down over a plate of blueberry waffles and spill all your dirty details.

Food As Frugal Philosophy

Daniel Koontz’ Casual Kitchen is about cooking more, thinking more and spending less. There, Daniel presents easy to make, healthy and unique recipes that work easily within a budget while simultaneously offering thought-provoking food related philosophy links around the web.

First, brush up on Daniel’s glossary of Casual Kitchen memes before diving into discussions of ways to help the environment from your kitchen or new ways to think about rising food costs.

Food As Fashion and Art

Luxiraire, without a doubt, presents the most jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring creations I’ve ever seen.

Photo by Sean McGrath

The most difficult avocado recipe ever first caught my eye. Then I became distracted by a parfait. I’m not usually much for parfaits, not to mention finding the word silly, but Luxirare’s method of creating solid caviar-like bubbles out of a juice to use as a layer in the dessert simply won me over.

Food As Culture

Laylita grew up in Vilcabamba-Loja, Ecuador. Her recipes have been inspired by her mother’s New Mexico cooking, the Ecuadorian market food stalls and street snack carts and from the food she ate made by her Texas grandmother.

I found Laylita’s website while searching for a good humita recipe. Humitas are fresh corn cakes served traditionally throughout Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. The corn is ground, cheese added and then wrapped in corn husks and steamed. They can be made dulce or salada, sweet or savory.

Food As Obscenity

The food creations on This Is Why You’re Fat will make your stomach turn and churn, yet you won’t be able to look away. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself marveling in disgust at photo after photo of the most horrendous, artery clogging, sickening food combinations you’ve ever seen.

Photo by Alexik

Ok, maybe the Oreo S’more doesn’t look so bad, but the bacon maple hot dog drizzled with chocolate sauce?

Or how about the infamous Widowmaker? Any food that begins with 1.5 pounds of ground beef, continues to a whole package of bacon and not one, but TWO entire packaged pepperoni pizzas has got to be worth a mention.


Have you made or eaten anything spectacular, disgusting or amazing? Share your favorite recipes and websites in the comments below.

For some of our own Matador food porn, be sure to take a peek at our tasteful beefy centerfolds or read our guide to seven decadent New Orleans desserts.



About The Author

Leigh Shulman

Leigh Shulman is a writer, photographer and mom living in Salta, Argentina. There, she runs Cloudhead Art, an art & education group that creates collaborative art using social media to connect people and resources. You can read about her travels on her blog The Future Is Red

  • Marty

    I love So many beautiful pictures of food, it’s filling just to look at them.

    • Leigh Shulman

      Marty, those photos are gorgeous. I want a peanut butter chocolate cookie or a marshmallow now.

  • Candice

    I LOVE these, Leigh! Thanks for the resources. For some reason I’ve had a lot of difficulty tracking down good recipe sites.

    • Leigh Shulman

      And these are just the blogs. I also check out Food Network ( when I need to track a recipe down. Lila and I make all kinds of cookies and brownies from there.

      Oh, and let me know if you ever use one of the recipes from This Is Why You’re Fat. Hehe. I’ve got to know how that all works out.

  • Michelle

    Oh man. More for the Google Reader.

    That last photo made me feel ill.

    • Leigh Shulman

      Isn’t it amazing how you just.can’t.. look…. away. And there are just so many fantastically nasty things people eat.

  • Julie

    Food blogs are my weakness. Yum. Though it’s not a straight up recipe blog, I really like the Smithsonian’s food blog. The writers often feature unusual ingredients (Buddha’s hands, anyone?) and dig up interesting historical facts about ordinary foods you eat all the time.

    • Leigh Shulman

      The Smithsonian foodblog is absolutely fabulous.And of course, I love that they suggest tens of other foodblogs as well.

      Another one I considered including but didn’t because it isn’t strictly recipes is Cakewrecks ( Another favorite of mine. Very funny.

  • Thorn Monroe

    I love while mainly a recipe journal there is a section devoted to Heidi’s travels and whenever she comes back from a trip there are always recipes inspired from her recent experiences. The recipe that made me fall in love with the site is the thai-spiced pumpkin soup from three years ago.

    • Leigh Shulman

      Thorn, I absolutely love this website. Thanks for adding it!

      The food section of my reader is getting fatter.

  • Sarah

    Leigh, this rocks. I am a major food blog procrastinator. I mean, I can defer a hard piece of writing for hours surfing from cake to avocado smoothie to lahksa ayam and engaging in blissful oggling.

  • dfinepa

    Great finds! I actually just caused a bit of a scene in the office after seeing the windowmaker and nearly falling off my chair with laughter. The name alone was enough tbh….

    Another food blog that I would add to the collection is – this combines innovative recipes with tasty sprinklings of French culture and language.

    • dfinepa

      *widowmaker… sorry, it is monday morning ;)

    • Leigh Shulman

      Thanks for this. Chocolate and zucchini, another great find.

      And that Widowmaker…. It is quite something, isn’t it. So glad it could cause an uproar in the workplace! :)

  • neha

    These are so great! Just added them to my reader too.

  • C

    Don’t leave Chris Cosentino’s Offal Good off your list. I love his ‘if we kill it, we should eat all of it” philosophy. Find him at

  • Greenheart Travel

    Oh no! More ways to make me hungry throughout the work day. ;) Great sites! I also am a fan of Great commentary on cooking without a lot of money but a lot of passion.

  • Heather Carreiro

    Bookmarked this, although I think I’ll avoid the last one. Just looking at the ‘widowmaker’ almost made my lunch come up….gross!

  • Sarah

    I’m suprised nobody has mentioned! I love all the immense collections of recipes, and they set up fancy menus to try out. :)

    Tastespotting is a favorite of mine also. And has some INCREDIBLE vegan recipes on there. Try the slow ramen! A favorite of mine, though I’ve decided that vegan is not in my vocabulary.

  • amellia

    Baking Bites ( is my favourite recipe blog. One very simple reason. It’s the food you can find at home. In other words, yummy baked goodies you really want to eat. Heart this site.

  • David Page

    Great post, Leigh! For one that really takes a different tack, check out Hank Shaw and Holly Heyser’s mind-opening Hunter Angler Gardner Cook…

  • Tori

    Don’t forget,, if that isn’t food porn than I don’t know what is. I will have to check out these other blogs mentioned!

  • Anne

    Yeah, food blog recommendations are the best! Thanks for the roundup.

    I love Joy the Baker ( Her recipes are amazing and her writing is adorable.

    Half-Assed Kitchen ( has tasty-looking stuff too.

  • Matt

    Food and travel, best things in life

  • Courtney Lloyd

    i always bookmark food blogs becuase i want to look at new recipes.*”~

  • Chad

    If you are really interested in watching food and travel videos, we are traveling around the world and making videos of learning to cook traditional food in the street stalls and small restaurants around Asia. This is how the food is really made by the experts!
    We are also having a wicked time doing it while meeting the most interesting and beautiful people around the world.
    Take a look at our webite with links to videos and photos.

  • Nate B

    These are indeed great recipes!And i would love to try the widowmaker or at least attempt it .It just might be worth the heart problems later Ha Ha!

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