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Photographer Ashley K. Barnes documents the recent subway stunt, now in its 11th year in NYC.

THE NO PANTS SUBWAY RIDE is an annual event put on by Improv Everywhere, in which occurs just that…..people with no pants get off and on the subway throughout the entire city. At a certain time, everyone participating removes their pants and stands in their “under-garments” while casually reading a book, looking out the window, acting frustrated because they are late, basically, your everyday subway behavior.

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About The Author

Ashley K. Barnes

An American photographer based in Buenos Aires, Ashley K. Barnes is co-founder of Somos Dos, a photography company specializing in gay events, and helping to document social change in Argentina.

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  • Naomi

    Expertly placed totebag in photo 12.

    • bc

      I know, Dammit! 

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