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From spaceships and mushrooms to seashells and bubbles, Old Mother Hubbard don’t got nothing on these houses.

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SINCE THE DAYS OF THE cave painting, humans have designed and lived in dwellings that reflect our social, psychological, and physical needs. The longer we exist, the more our simple caves evolve into works of art and living that not only provide relief from the elements but homes that show the ever expanding artistic nature of our species.

We’ve collected 20 of the most surreal, bizarre, odd, and interesting houses on the planet. Perhaps they’ll provide inspiration for your next home.

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About The Author

Daniel Nahabedian

Daniel left behind his cubicle in 2009 to start a RTW journey & follow his true passion: photography. He is currently settling down in Thailand to work on his Travel Photo Blog Canvas of Light & become a full time freelance Travel Photographer.

  • Bessie

    Great collection! Fugly came to mind while looking at most of these houses, but they all get points for unique. I think #3 is the one I’d most like to live in, so when people ask me, “What do you live under a rock?!” I could say, “well no, obviously I live in one.”

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thanks a lot Bessie!
      Lindsay also chose the same one!

  • Kathy

    What neat structures! Thanks for finding these and sharing them.

    PS. I’ll take one Sea-Shell House, please!

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thank you very much Kathy.

  • Hal Amen

    Wow, great finds, Daniel!

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thank you Hal !

  • Nick Rowlands

    These are fantastic! And I love the idea of a hermit house where you ‘raise the drawbridge’ and avoid unwanted visitors!

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thanks Nick, I had a feeling you’d like that one hehehe.

  • neha

    Amazing! I’ll take the crazy cube house (#10).

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thank you Neha!

  • Candice

    Love the crazy cube house too!

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thanks Candice!
      Crazy cubic houses in a crazy country :)

  • Carlo Alcos

    I was just in Montreal and saw those apartments. They look pretty surreal. Great idea for a photo essay! Can there please be a follow up? I want to see the insides of these, especially #14 (Twisted House).

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Thanks Carlo! I’d love to see them myself too!
      A follow up can be a good idea, I’ll look into it. Cheers!

  • Paul Sullivan

    Great post/essay Daniel. I look at No 16 and think “now that’s a place I could go to catch up on all my reading…an writing!”. A night in the upside down house could be fun too. I’ve never tried to sleep on a ceiling.

    • Nick Rowlands

      Yeah but I bet you’ve danced on one, though!

  • Carlos Russo

    Great post Daniel! I agree with Paul, I think No. 16 would be great to have as a get-away from the world. I love the “Just pull up the ladder and no more unwanted visitors.” How awesome would that be? The upside down house does sound like a fun thing to check out too!

  • Dustin Main | Skinny Backpacker

    Funky collection, could definitely use a follow-up article, or maybe one on awesome treehouses?

    I’m not sure I have a favorite, can I have them all?

    • Nick Rowlands

      Glad you like the collection, Dustin! Of course you can have them all – though it looks like you might be sharing some of them with other people!

      Funny you mention treehouses: Matador Change ran an awesome photo essay on the coolest treehouses in the world recently, which is well worth checking out:

  • Sophie

    I like the spaceship. Wondering what it would be like to live without any corners, though. Cool photo essay.

  • Jbills

    #20 is the house for me!!!

  • Jeremy B

    #18 looks like something Gaudi designed!

  • Nedemgirl

    #1 why exactly? too much time on some people’s hands.
    #3 i love it. i could live there forever
    #20 scary

  • James O. Tselakgopo

    To hell with choice,i think i’m gonna be selfish and take all of them,oops! that is if GOD permits and of course capitaliano………..ha ha ha nice one Daniel and keep it up ok.

  • Anthony

    You should check out some of the stuff by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, especially the Waldspirale in Darmstadt near Frankfurt. It’s crazy stuff!

  • Catia

    The crazy house is amazing, I wonder what it looks like inside?

  • christine

    What about the hot pink Switzer house which for many years stood beside Highway 1 in West Vancouver? It was totally bizarre and looked almost like a raised hot pink Swastika? That was the strangest house in Southern British Columbia for certain.

    • Daniel Nahabedian

      Oh I’m sure there are many more crazy houses all around the world! Just had to take a small selection. Thanks!

  • lindi

    I soo love this…

  • Thomas

    ‘Howz’ that for a display of fine oeuvre. Most extraordinary. Great shots, indeed.

  • Alice

    Some of these are really cool, but most of them are not homes… They’re art and not inhabited, weren’t even intended for living in. Would have been a very cool post if all of them were actually homes.

  • Erin11

    that is so amazing i like the upside down house and habbitat 67

  • K

    I am sure that “crazy house” is for me…magnifique!

  • DC

    Some nice ones that I haven’t seen before!

  • Nicki

    Great photos! There certainly are some creative architects out there!

  • jamie

    this is awesome
    thanks for making my grey london saturday afternoon a little more entertaining!
    i’ll forward this to everyone i know

  • Rebecca

    Talk about using creativity and ingenuity! Who knew that one of these house was located in Ohio? Since I’m in the ‘Buckeye State,” I think I’ll take a road trip and visit The Mushroom House.

  • Brent

    haha I like them all…I think I’d like the casa de pedra the most.

  • John

    #16 is what we would call a fancy deer hunting stand. Besides, it’s not really far from civilization. Just look at the junk on the ground scattered around it, and the city in the background. I also wouldn’t really call the “gimmick” buildings houses, such as the the twisted house. It’s just an art piece, not a real house.

  • Morgeena14

    The 7th picture is actually a tunnel threw the house not an entrance into the house. I saw it on another site.

  • Teresacarpenter1957

    The upside down house brings back memories from my childhood.  I remember an upside down house around downtown Indianapolis.  I never did go inside.  I did go as far as the garage where I saw the car on the ceiling.  I could not go any further than that.  To me, it would be a part of history, but I have never seen it in any books.  To bad since it still left an impression on me.

  • Alison Blake


  • Christina McQuade

    Nice structures to check out :)

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty cool but going into it would be a nice experience. I go into houses everyday and it always nice to see the inside and the layout. :)

  • Angela Ogrodnik

    I love this picture!

  • Сергей Паливода

    И не лень тебе лыбу тянуть сдесь?

  • Mandy Pelkie

    omg so awesome!

    • Michele Berry

      I like the seashell house, the bubble house & the steel house is beautiful. Dalat’s house is great.

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    Not Great! Do check for the amazing places…

  • Don’t worry Just travel

    These are simply amazing. It is not just homes that have been built out of beer bottles. How about checking out this temple in Thailand which was also made out of beer bottles!

The Cold War-era bridge to Fehmarn could be blown up in case of invasion.
Record-breakers, news-makers, and otherwise unusual libraries.
The bamboo-clad abstraction of a farmhouse is a modern addition to the rural landscape.
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"At night it looks like a glowing lantern."
"Sometimes you need to lift your head very high to see the sky."
“This house should be an observation shed for the changing landscape beyond.”
The 30-foot-long structures are clad in corrugated fiberglass and divided into distinct...
95 different technologies culminate in this green super-home.
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