Ed Yourdon explores the comings and goings of Verdi Square in the heart of New York City.

New York City’s Verdi Square, located Broadway & West 72nd Street, right across the street from the 72nd street IRC train
,has a complicated history.

As one of the city’s oldest parks, Verdi Square attracted many musiciansEnrico Caruso, Lauritz Melchior, Igor Stravinsky – until in the 1960s the square became a drug-infested neighborhood filled with crime.

Today, Verdi Square is entirely redecorated and landscaped, making it one of the most high-class areas of New York City to live in. It’s also the perfect location to capture snapshots of everyday, regular people as they go about their day.


1. "If this is not a real owl, then what the heck is it doing up here in this tree?"


2.How many cell phones can you count in this image?


3. A paradise for pigeons.


4. Rainy day in Manhattan on the way to Zabars for coffee and chocolate.


5. Oh, my. Oh, my. Is that what they're doing on Broadway these days?


6. Bicycle nomad, meet mismatched-shoe lady.


7.So is this guy happy to be having this conversation or not?


8.Who needs boring socks?


9. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!


10. Who are all these guys?


11. Spring in Verdi Square.


12. And I love you, too...


13.Meditation in the sun.


14. Hit by a taxi, this man tells his story using handwritten signs. Another sign says he was hit by an 18-wheeler and and became paralyzed due to brain damage. Which do you believe?

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