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John Hewitt

John Hewitt is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently a Contributing Editor at Bright Hub.

  • Gsp

    Denmark?!!! Denmark has among the (if not THE) highest taxes in the world! Including being known to occasionally look “through” to your foreign interests for taxation, regardless of whether you’re a Danish citizen or not. And whilst it’s part of the EU, it’s one of the 3 EU countries that isn’t part of the Euro common currency…so no foreign exchange benefits to banking there if you go to Northern Europe often, or anywhere else other than just Denmark, for that matter. Add to that the fact that the Danish banking system is complex with a legal system weighed down with more than its fair share of beaurocracy, and a unique banking market comprised of many small to meduim sized banks and basically no large international banks…and you have a recipe for the exact opposite of what you might look for in an ideal country for an offshore bank account!

    Seriously John…how does Denmark figure in this list?

  • Nathan

    What about Monte carlo, monaco ?

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  • Will

    This is an amazing resource.. Thanks!

  • tom

    Great article. This is honestly the first time I’ve even considered this an option.

  • Panama corporations


    Thank you for giving this good information. Offshore bank accounts give financial access to politically and economically stable jurisdictions. You can take advantage of the additional privacy and security offered by off shore banking to explore investment opportunities throughout the global economy.


  • Charlotte homes

    Switzerland has completely lost its reputation when it comes to secrecy. In fact, most places on this list have. Anytime you think, "Hey, where's a good place to do offshore banking?" and most people think of the same answer, it's a bad place- governments will put pressure on the country and ruin it. The best way to fly below the radar is to bank somewhere that doesn't have a reputation for being a tax shelter– Andorra kind of fits the bill, although being in the EU creates vulnerability. I won't name names, but suffice it to say that the worse a country's relationship with the US and EU, the better of a place to bank.

  • bank online

    thanks so much for the info ! It’s appreciated. Great job on the blog, keep it up !

  • Candian business

    great article though i believe that most are untrue

  • Da Haole

    What about Tangier, Morocco!?

  • Elvie Towe

    Outstanding information it is definitely. My girlfriend has been looking for this info

  • information

    guernsey in the channel islands is an obvious one

  • The Nomad Capitalist

    Luxembourg banks don’t open accounts for Americans. And to say other countries’ banks aren’t as modern is silly. Singapore is just one place where banks have some pretty amazing features. And most countries outside the US have multi-currency accounts, which is a great feature for Americans. I’ve rarely come across a foreign bank that doesn’t offer online banking.

  • Errol Flynsen

    where does your information about Denmark come from?

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