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This October, for the first time ever, a poll found that the majority of Americans are for the legalization of marijuana. I personally was convinced that the entire War on Drugs was a travesty by the end of the first season of The Wire. There are still plenty of people who aren’t on board, though, and often it’s because they tend to be law-and-order types. Which is fair enough. But, if you’re still a proponent of the War on Drugs, you should watch this video of a former police captain explaining why he now works for the end of the prohibition of drugs.

It’s a bit of a long video, so here are the highlights:

At 3:47 he demolishes the idea that we can enforce away the drug trade.

At 5:54 he explains how the drug problem can be fixed, and at 7:30 he points out how we can keep people from doing drugs without criminalizing them.

At 11:08 he points out the hypocrisy of prohibition.

At 12:28 he talks about the money we would make/not lose by ending prohibition.

At 13:46 he makes a completely awesome point about the very first case of prohibition.

But really, watch the full video.

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