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Swim or lounge on top of the world with these sexy rooftop pools from around the globe.

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Kristin Conard

As a child, Kristin wanted to be a librarian, because she thought that the librarian was the one who got to write all the books in the library.

  • Nick Rowlands

    These are absolutely fantastic! But, what’s with pools that you aren’t supposed to swim in?

    • Kristin Conard

      I guess some clubs want the pool for people to look at and for the ambiance…but I’m pretty sure people end up in the water at some point during the night!

    • Jayanthi Prem

      The swmming pool at Sky Bar, Kuala Lumpur is for swimming till about 7pm or so. Been there numerous times during diffent times of the day and seen people swimming in the pool. Obviously at night, its more of a club so no swimming allowed.

  • Kathy

    Yes, the idea of having a pool just to look at really seems like the height (so to speak) of decadence.

    Although I’m not sure how I’d feel swimming laps in one of those infinity pools up so high…I’m not usually too bad with heights but just those pictures make me queasy!

    Very interesting collection of photos.

  • Fleur

    I miss the pool of the Millennium Hilton in Bangkok! A beautiful pool which overlooks the river and has it’s own stretch of sandy beach.

  • aaron81006

    The Sky Bar at the Hilton on Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront is way cooler than most of these.

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  • Foreal

    Who know’s I’ll never be rich enough to swim in any of these but thanx anyhow.

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  • Jorge Rocha Netto
    • Kristin Conard

      OK, yeah, that is a pretty nice pool!

  • lindi

    The Sydney Holiday Inn Pool is awesome… it’s the one I’ve stayed in and I spent most of my evenings after a night out there. Incredible.

  • Dave and Deb

    I didn’t know about the Thomson Toronto Hotel, When we get back to Toronto, i am going to have to go there. Good to see we are joining the rest of the world and building some world class facilities.

    • Max – The IT Pro

      Wow, I didn’t know of this spot in TDot. Boy do I miss that city…great night life & lots of kool things to do.

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  • Vibeke

    These pools have vertigo spelled all over them. The Dallas one is just too scary – for me that is. Not a water baby and certainly not very comfortable with heights, I’ll leave these pools to the rest of you… Give me a beach shack any day!

  • Plunko

    Hotel Posada Freeman Express has a rooftop pool with great views of Mazatlan!

  • Max – The IT Pro

    Great blog post, Kristen! These pics are truly fantabulous!!! Wow!!
    I’m not that much into heights though…for obvious reasons.

    • Kristin Conard

      Thanks! Yeah, some of these look pretty intense!

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  • Christine Garvin

    The first two would freak me out to swim in. A little too much vertigo happening there.

    What’s up with not being allowed to swim in so many of the pools?

  • Jeremy

    I feel that Club Zensa in Denia, Spain should be considered for this list. Just south of Valencia, Spain, Denia is a smaller Mediterranean town with arguably the best stretch of beach in all of Spain. Zensa is absolutely GORGEOUS with a view of both the mountain looming in the background and the Mediterranean sunset over the bay and behind the mountain range south of Valencia on the other side. Perfection.

  • Manali

    Super cool images! :D

  • Shelagh

    The Colonnade is not the only rooftop pool in Boston (maybe it is the only hotel rooftop pool; I am not sure)! There are a lot of them in private brownstones and apartment complexes!

  • Shannon

    These are all beautiful pools. I don’t think I would have the guts to swim in the Hotel Joule in Dallas, especially since it’s hanging over the side of the building, suspended in mid-air! I’m afraid of heights. I love the one in New York with Andy Warhol’s paintings though! Nice post! I have bookmarked this site!

    • Anna

      hey there, if you think the Dallas pool is freaky, try the
      Avalon in Gothenburg, Sweden. Same deal only the bottom is glass too, not just the sides!

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  • Anna

    Great list!

    A “sexier” option for Sydney is “Pool Club” on the roof of the Ivy Hotel:

  • Lap Pool

    This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more
    posts like this? Please tell me, thanks

  • Pjorash

    The Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal has a beautiful indoor/outdoor, heated pool.  It’s beautiful in the winter.  

  • adrianna

    these views = pantie droppers!!! ohh wow! 

  • Sofie

    Not sure I like the idea of a pool that you aren’t allowed to swim in!

  • ChrystalChronic Msht-sd

    wow! AMAZING!

  • Rizzy Hussain

    v very nice..

  • Stacey Scott

    For my birthday, my husband took me to the Joule. It was the most wonderful weekend. The Hotel was amazing with the most attentive staff. Ant the Poule was buzzing with energy, and yet relaxing. Thanks to Erron and Tina for joining us at the Joule.

    • Erron Dowers

      Glad we could celebrate with you. Happy Birthday!

  • Tracy Micks

    I SO want to swim in an infinity pool! On my “to do” list! :)

  • Ulf Barth

    Swimming Pools are my obsession! :-b

  • Rick West

    Freaky, but, so cool! 8-)

  • Chitra Sivasankar Arunagiri Photography

    Awesome and really sexy pools!

  • Nomad Travel

    No doubts my favourite is in Udaipur!

  • cheap flights Trip

    Really Amazing pictures. Great post..

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