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Chapel at Willie Nelson's ranch

Kim Schultz reports from a night of music few got to experience.

1. Willie Nelson’s ranch is located in “Luck, Texas.” Or, more accurately, the town of “Luck, Texas” is located on Willie Nelson’s ranch.

2. It was constructed in 1986 to serve as the set for the Western Red Headed Stranger.

3. The lineup for the inaugural Heartbreaker Banquet included Gary Clark Jr., Blitzen Trapper, Jenny O., Father John Misty, White Dress, and Rhett Miller.

4. Willie Nelson’s ranch has a chapel. Opposite the main stage, people poured into the tiny space (seating about 50 in pews), trying to catch a view of Miller, crooning away inside.

5. Willie wasn’t even there. He was 2,000 miles away, playing a show in my hometown, ironically. But every artist who took the stage made sure to thank him.

6. Everyone at the ranch seemed appropriately dressed in denim and long skirts, feathers in long hair, bandannas.

7. On the deck of one building, a local vendor was selling vintage clothes, while inside, guests perused vinyl and a tattoo artist was in the corner tattooing a ship’s anchor on a girl’s arm.

8. The walls of the saloon were lined with ‘Gentleman Jack’ and drinks were complimentary.

9. The saloon had real swinging doors.

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Kim Schultz is a Bay Area native inspired by music, travel and fashion. She is currently working at Tamalpais Research Institute, a state-of-the-art performance studio broadcasting live HD video & audio content directly to the internet. Favorite things: vinyl, pinot noir & chili flakes.

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