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The Matador crew has been representing at Burning Man for several years straight.

THE FOLLOWING ARE VISUAL DISPATCHES from Matador co-founder Ross Borden, Matador Productions guru Ian MacKenzie, and photographer James Brian Fidelibus. If you have your own stories from this year’s Burn, photo-based or otherwise, we’d love for you to share them in the comments.

Travelers Stoked on this Gallery

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Burning Man


  • Jean Simenon

    Actually to understand the event better, I recommend to check out the history of the event first. And for that I highly recommend to watch Dust & Illusions ( and “This is Burning Man” the book! Very much worth it, and of course the documentary is a must with all its archival footage! :)

  • Nate Brown

    We’re your Burning Man contributors issued Press Passes this year?

Fire-dancing circuses and 3,000-person light saber wars last for hours.
Nowhere is radical self-expression better manifested than in Burning Man art.
A gallery of fire and absurdity from this year's gathering in Black Rock City.
You will need: (a) a thumping techno/ambient soundtrack, (b) plenty of fire.
Dust storms could mean burners are in for a wild ride at Burning Man.
A fire breather blows flames over the playa at night.
Experience Burning Man from the perspective of Joshywashington's fanny inflammation.
The number one rule for Burning Man is no expectations.
Taking the GoPro through 72 crazy hours at the weirdest party on Earth.
In a matter of hours, he would be my husband.
People should fill up gas in Reno and get ready for miles-long waits to get in.
You can't escape the harsh conditions, which persistently remind you where you are.