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Beginning April 13, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival runs two weekends this year for the first time in history.

Dre & Snoop

When Dr. Dre 2001 was released, I stood in line at The Wherehouse to buy this album. With Snoop back onstage with Dre, this is lined up to be an unforgettable performance closing out the last night.


I had the pleasure of seeing Radiohead at one of my favorite venues, The Greek Theater in Berkeley, right before the release of 2006′s In Rainbows. The next morning I ended up with a huge Radiohead inspired tattoo on my back (sorry mom).

The Weeknd

Canadian group The Weeknd have built major street cred over the past year by releasing three mix tapes for free via their website anf scoring a major collaboration with Drake on “Crew Love.” Coachella is the perfect landscape for this band’s USA debut.

Jeff Mangum

Originator, lyricist, vocalist, and guitarist of Athens band Neutral Milk Hotel, Mangum withdrew from the spotlight after rising success in the late 90s. In the years since, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea has become a cult classic, and fans all over the world have long awaited live performances. Over the past two years, Mangum has begun performing again (typically NMH material), and his appearance should be one of the most special moments at this year’s Coachella.

The Sheepdogs

The Sheepdogs are the first unsigned band to make the cover of Rolling Stone. After months of competition and over 1.5 million votes cast online, they scored a record contract with Atlantic Records and the cover of Rolling Stone.

At The Drive In

Ok, listen up. Lesson 1: Before there was The Mars Volta, Sparta, and all Omar Rodrigues spin off projects, there was once a band called “At The Drive In.” The band will be breaking their 11-year silence to reunite at Coachella. Considered one of the most influential post hard-core acts of the late 1990s, At The Drive In will get a sweet mosh pit going.

Calvin Harris & Co.

The Sahara Tent has a solid lineup of rave and livetronic acts, with Kaskade, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, and a bunch of other electronic and DJ acts.

Insider Tip: Coachella tries to reduce its carbon footprint. Grab ten empty water bottles off the grounds and redeem them for a free bottle of water at any water station.

Also: Amp for Coachella 2012 with this playlist, curated by yours truly.

* Feature photo: eblaser

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  • Kim Schultz

    See ya’ll this weekend! COACHELLAAAAAAA! <3

  • missgates

    It’s already been 11 years since At The Drive-In split? God, I feel old! Judging by the line-ups, Sunday would be the day I’d want to attend most (if I wasn’t on the other side of the country)- soooo many favorites!! First Aid Kit is definitely one to catch- saw them again last week… goosebumps with every song!

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