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Business in the front, party in the rear – the mullet is a hairstyle that is seen the world over.

Perhaps it’s in the United States that you’ll see the most striking, well cultivated and impressive in the world.

Photos - left Blonde in Tulsa as photographed by raveller, right Brunette in Las Vegas 2003 by TedsBlog

If the now defunct Mullets Galore website proved anything, it was that we all seem to feel that the mullet is worth only our jeers, its wearer deserving to be dubbed the name of his haircut.

Can it only be amusement and scorn that attract us to the mullet? I posit that there are other reasons, possibly deep seated and primal that a Google image search for the word “mullet” reveals 891,000 results.

It was explained to me once when I laughed at the blue faced, mulleted warriors in Braveheart that the haircut had a practical application. It allowed the wearer to shirk the harmful effects of the sun to the back of his neck while being able wield a weapon with unobstructed vision. Being a diehard utilitarian, I had to take a moment to give the mullet its due before resuming my obnoxious diatribe disparaging the hairdo.

If this statue is to be believed, Ghengis Khan may be wearing a mullet under there. Could one of the fiercest warriors of all time have sported a mullet?

Below, enjoy and savor this collection of mullets from around the globe.

It is far from complete.

Sadly I was unable to find photographic evidence of the mullet in Africa, thereby rounding out my cavalcade of continents.

Please, if you would be so kind as to share photos from your international mullet collection, post a link in the comments field below.

Photos - left Colombian extreme half mohawk-half mullet by snarkhunt, right Guatemalan mullet man with a live turkey by gringologue

Photos - left in Bangladesh, this mullet hearkens back to the ’80′s Jheri Curl mullet by bengal*foam, right Japanese mulleted mouth breather by alexdecarvalho

Photos -left Art school mulleted hipster in London by weegeebored, right Silver fox in Prague by discosour

Photos - left Clear delineation twixt front and back in Spain by JaseMan, right Nose picking mulleted hiker in Croatia by h-angele

Photos - left a most impressive mullet in Canada by D’Arcy Norman, right fresh mullet in Australia by Hyperlegs



About The Author

Kate Sedgwick

Editor-at-large, Kate Sedgwick, works from Buenos Aires where she organizes her live storytelling project, Second Story Buenos Aires. Read more about her than you might want to know at her blog, and follow her infrequent tweets @KateSedgwick.

  • Tom Allen

    This April, in the Afar desert region of eastern Ethiopia, I was shocked to meet nomadic tribespeople who sported not only numerous carefully-cultivated Mullets, but – incredibly – a number of unrestrained Afros as well!

    • Television Spy

      Business in the front, party in the back.

  • Hal

    Great presentation, Kate! Genghis and William Wallace would be proud.

  • Julie

    Loved this! I come from South Carolina, US capital of mullets. It’s incredible to know they’re really an international phenomenon, because in the South they’re associated with rednecks.

    • Sher

      Thank you so much for this blog. It is interesting to think that mullets equal ‘redneck’ since that is actually not even POSSIBLE with a mullet. In the animal world the male is the more flashy, so BRING IT ON! I love it when a man is a male of the species and does the flashy dance. Show it off! A strong scotsman in a kilt and a mullet. Oh yeah.

      • Carlo

        Good point Sher! I guess it was developed by them as a natural protection, thereby allowing the propagation of the species. So it’s safe to say that the mullet was evolutionarily necessary.

  • Christine

    Just the simple fact that you started out this piece, “Business in the front, party in the rear,” is priceless!

  • joshywashington

    Oh yes…what in the Multiverse is sexier than the Stamos Mullet! Oh john stamos, your mullet is sooo teased!

    • Christine

      YES!!! I forgot about the Jesse Tanner (?) mullet!!

  • Sarah

    Dude! The mullet is alive and well in Japan, and has a special anime touch. It’s all pokemon anime in the front and South Carolina in the back. It’s the mark of the sketchy guys who run the bizarre high-school themed hostess bars. In Mexico, however, it’s definitely an I’m-an-up-and-coming-graphic-designer kind of look. Who knew the diversity of mullets? Thank you for bringing this complex, international phenomenon to our attention.

  • Carlo

    No mention of Billy Ray Cyrus, what may possibly be the most famous mullet ever? Funny piece Kate! I will admit to sporting a mullet in my earlier days. Much earlier days.

  • Emily Minor

    My latest capture: Chinese women with orange, permed mullet.

  • Dan Allen

    Here’s my old Christian Boy Band:

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  • taboshier

    hey there – this is one of Australia’s more popular mullets – language warning btw.

  • God

    Most of those are not mullets but just long hair. Epic Fail.

  • Rock Da Mullet

    I am alive and well. Rockin the Mullet since 1985.
    People tell me the 80s are back. I didn’t even know it left!

    feel free to find me at any of my site:


  • Alekk

    Oh yes…what in the Multiverse is sexier than the Stamos Mullet! Oh john stamos, your mullet is sooo teased!..

  • Sam

    Some of them aren’t even mullets, so are just long hair.
    Well done for the mistakes.

    • Carlo

      Fair enough for the Japanese mullet. That is borderline, but I would say the rest are clear cut cases. Possibly the Canadian one is suspect too, but you can’t see the front so…

  • Laura

    hhahahha! In Argentina this hairdo is called “rollinga” for Rolling Stones. Also: this is the classic soccer player hairdo. Check this video of Diego Maradona in the 80s:

  • Julie

    Maradona si tiene tremeda rollinga– y que palabra mas chula!

  • Abbie

    Oh the magnificent mullet!

  • tharp42

    I was in the South Island of New Zealand last year and saw acres of mullets. The Kiwis also liked to turn up the collars of their shirts – a la Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business’. The were still rocking to the hits of ‘The Outfield’ and ‘Mike and the Mechanics,’ as well.

    Ah, New Zealand, the land the that 80′s never left.

  • Babel

    in german its called “Nackentapete”

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