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William Dreyton…or Flavor Flav? Photo: aon

Resident music trivia buff Paul Sullivan checks in with two lists, one a bit shorter than the other.
Musicians Under 5’ 3”

Dolly Parton – 4′ 11″
Petula Clark – 5′ 0″
Paul Anka – 5′ 0″
Linda Ronstadt – 5′ 2″
Stevie Nicks – 5′ 1″
Paula Abdul – 5′ 2″
Debbie Harry – 5′ 3″
Bushwick Bill – 4′ 7″
Davy Jones – 5′ 3″
Lisa Marie Presley – 5′ 3″
Paul Simon – 5′ 2″
Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest) – 5′ 1″
Bette Midler – 5′ 1”

Rappers’ Real Names

Vanilla Ice – Robert Van Winkle
Snoop Doggy Dogg – Calvin Broadus
Shaggy – Orville Richard Burrell
Tupac Shakur – Lesane Crooks
Guru – Keith Elam
Queen Latifah – Dana Owens
Shabba Ranks – Rexton Rawlston Gordon
Notorious Big – Christopher Wallace
LL Cool J – James Todd Smith
Foxy Brown – Inga Marchand
Chuck D – Carlton Douglas Ridenhour
Coolio – Artis Ivey
Flavor Flav – William Dreyton
Krs One – Kris Parker
Eric B – Eric Barrier
Rakim – William Griffin
Timbaland – Tim Mosely
Missy Elliot – Melissa Elliot
Slick Rick – Ricky Walters
Redman – Reggie Noble
MC Hammer – Stanley Kirk Burrell
Ice T – Tracy Marrow
Grandmaster Flash – Joseph Sadler
Doug E Fresh – Douglas Davies

(feature photo by on naughtymerrick)

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Paul Sullivan is a freelance writer, author, editor and photographer covering music, travel and culture. His writing and photography work has been published in The Guardian, Sunday Times Travel, National Geographic UK, Matador Network, Wax Poetics, XLR8R and more, and he has scribed/snapped several guidebooks for Time Out, HG2, Rough Guide, Cool Camping and others. He currently lives in Berlin, where he runs the sustainable travel portal Slow Travel Berlin. Check out his photography website, follow him on Twitter or join hisFacebook photography page.

  • david miller

    pfife di-dog is in effect.

  • Julie

    I don’t know why Vanilla Ice changed his name. Anyone with the last name Van Winkle has immediate cred.

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