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A lazy eye might miss Paris’ vibrant street art scene, which has grown abundantly over the past decade. Matt Scott takes us on a tour of some of the city’s most notable tags.

Street Art


About The Author

Matt Scott

Having spent the majority of his adult life traveling and working abroad, Matt Scott has plenty to write about; his writing and photos have appeared in publications around the world, both on line and in print. Originally from the UK he currently lives in Paris, where he works as a trip leader for an active travel company.

  • Travelfusion

    I LOVE Parisian street art!!!! So much so, that I’ve blogged about it here ( and have included some of the same artists! My absolute favourites are the Space Invaders but I also like Jef Aerosol who is not on your list…check him out!

    • Matt Scott

      Jef Aerosol is great, I don’t see much of his stuff around Paris anymore: Shame. Hope he comes back soon.
      Loved your blog by the way.

      • Travelfusion

        Hi Matt!

        Thanks for the compliment! I have stumbled upon Aerosol’s stuff mainly in the 5e and 13e but you’re right, his are more surprising and fun to find because they aren’t very numerous.

        I love everything related to Parisian street art – definitely keep us posted if you discover some new treasures!


  • Candice

    Love the male silhouettes, so cool.

  • Lauren Quinn

    Nice pictures. Paris’ scene has been cranking for awhile; glad to see it getting some Matador love.

  • Sophie

    Paris is so full of surprises! Great photos. Especially like where they incorporate the street sign into the picture.

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