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New Year’s events. It’s the king is dead; long live the king celebration of the end of the new year and the start of the next one. So as the calendars change over, here are 18 fireworks displays of past New Year’s Eves from around the world. Happy New Year!

*Copyright: Please visit the photographer links for licensing conditions for each photo. Some are available through a Creative Commons license, but many are copyrighted against unauthorized use. We were granted special permission to feature them.*

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Kristin Conard

As a child, Kristin wanted to be a librarian, because she thought that the librarian was the one who got to write all the books in the library.

  • Erin D

    Great shots! I’m looking forward to photographing the fireworks from Taipei 101 this year — it’s the 100th year anniversary celebration of the founding of Taiwan and the fireworks are supposed to be the best yet. We figured we should at least see them once while we live in Taipei! We have a great view of 101 from our rooftop deck so it should be awesome!

  • Connie

    Whoa, I’m surprised to NOT see some other major fireworks on this list, like Hong Kong and New York! The other places looks amazing too though. I especially like the one in Iceland that overlooks the graveyard. Eerie but definitely a unique perspective!

    • Kristin Conard

      New York is there – it’s on page 2!

  • Nick Rowlands

    These are awesome!

  • Carlo Alcos

    Fantastic photos. I got to see the Sydney fireworks from Cockatoo Island, that was a great experience.

    • Kristin Conard

      I saw that article – it looked pretty awesome!

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  • firecracker

    Australia takes thecake!!!!!!

  • Colorado Springs Roofer

    These are all so beautiful yet so far away from me! I need more money to travel!

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