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I have lived in Taichung, Taiwan for a little more than a year, and while looking for something new to see, I noticed a photo of a village splashed with colorful imagery, childlike paintings and colorful pleasant dreams covering every surface that would hold paint.

AFTER SOME CITY STREET walking and about three bus exchanges I found the ‘dot’ on my map. A young Taiwanese man who spoke English quite well shook his head and said, “Oh yeah. Go down this street and then up one.” Little did I know that “up one” meant to walk up some well hidden stairs. I overshot them and spent half an hour walking in the wrong direction, but eventually found my way.

There were many people photographing the village, amateur and beyond, but one photographer I chatted with felt the same way I did. After we finished taking photos we had to force ourselves to leave. It was a pleasure being there.

I know very little about this village beyond what you see here. But I do know it’s a quiet refuge in a noisy and chaotic city and if you find yourself in this neck of the woods, it’s a good bet your day will be brightened by seeing this miniature city of paintings.

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Steven Barringer

Originally from Illinois, Steven Barringer lives in Taichung, Taiwan where he teaches English in two (yes, two) universities. If you'd like to see more of his photos, please visit his Flickr page.

  • Abhi

    Wow! What colorful photos! :D

  • Epiphanie

    How beautiful! It makes me want to be there right now, and soak it all in….

  • Julie

    These are really fun photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • Christine Garvin

    Oh my god, that cat is so cute! (says the crazy cat lady)

  • Tom

    I’ll be going there soon !!!

  • Naomi

    This takes the meaning of ‘street art’ to a whole new level :)

  • Steve

    I am very happy that you enjoyed the photos. It is indeed a wonderful place to visit and if you ever get a chance to visit, please do.

  • Hilton

    Nice photos, but I couldn’t help noticing that Taiwan is described as being part of China in the introductory paragraph.
    While many people hope Taiwan and China can reunite, Taiwan is still a separate entity, almost like a distinct nation (which
    over 20 countries recognize as such). It’d be better and more realistic if Taiwan can be written by itself or with ROC (Republic of China) next to it.

    • Kate Sedgwick

      You’re right. Fixing this now. Thanks.


  • Cindy

    Absolutely amazing! Thanks for your photos.
    The burning question is WHO has done the artwork? One person? Many people?
    When did this all start and how – or why?
    I taught at Tunghai 30+ years ago and never heard of this place.

  • Epiphanie Bloom

    I showed this page to a Taiwanese acquaintance and she found this link:

    It’s in Chinese, but it has a picture of the artist. Said my translator: He is a 86 year old retired soldier (our government made a lot of this kind of small villages or communities for these soldiers from the civil war with communists in China, and normally the condition of buildings are not very good…), all the paintings created by him, he has spent for a long time to paint whole the community…

  • Linda

    I have been there with my husband, Taichung is my hometown ,

    We will be back there next month.

  • Susan K

    It’s so charming. How fun!

  • The Tree Of Life Publishing & Foundation

    Beautiful Place xx.

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